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These days there are so many coaches you can go to get advice. Be diligent in working and learning from someone who has a proven track record in attaining the results you desire.

The Fancy Third-Person Bio

Molly Ann Luna


Molly Ann is...the life and business strategist for the freedom-focused entrepreneur who wants to build True Wealth.

She helps entrepreneurs get paid to turn their expertise into automated online income.

Molly Ann is a U.S. Army Veteran and former Certified Financial Advisor who kicked corporate to the curb and successfully took her first business from $0 to 6-figures in just under 6-months. 

Her show...The Online Business Clinic provides easy-to-implement, mini success blueprints, to help you build a profitable and portable online business without burnout. 

For fun, she loves to travel and most weekends you can find her hiking near her home in sunny Las Vegas with her husband and two adorable kids.







Don’t let this polished headshot fool you, while yes occasionally I wear lipstick and untie my sweaty top-knot to play the role of your business success coach, I’m also a real person. 


A sleep-deprived mama of two adorable kiddos with boundless energy and not enough coffee in the world for me to keep up.

I’m passionate about helping you build True Wealth. And one extremely impactful way to do this is from the inside out, by first mastering your mind. 


I tell my kids that when I baked them in my belly I added a little magic to their mind because… well, it’s true.


I believe that so much of business building is a head game and that what your mind can believe, you can achieve.

It just takes exercised focus and a smart strategy to turn the dream into a reality.


And in my opinion, there's no better ‘exercise’ to help master your mind, then by becoming your own boss.


After all it takes courage and grit to build something from nothing.

But the goods news is, that you no longer have to do it alone. 

I've got your back!

Hey There! Molly Ann here...

My role is to help action-taking, freedom-focused professionals like you create lifestyle & financial freedom - aka build True Wealth  


You know that heavy feeling when you know that you’re meant for more, but you’re not sure how to make it happen? That feeling like time is running out and you’re not sure if you’ll ever live up to your fullest potential. 


Think of me as your success fairy God-mother. 


Basically, I provide you with the pumpkin and horse-drawn carriage (tools and strategies) to take you from feeling stuck and limited to confidently build the life and business that you desire. 


I help you reclaim your creative power and successfully build income streams online.


I’m really good at what I do, and I’ve helped thousands of people bust through limiting beliefs and mega-boost their bank accounts.

I do this through:


  • My weekly show, The Online Business Clinic where I provide proven success strategies designed to help you build a profitable and portable online business.

  • The Legacy Leaders Academy - digital courses and community that will change your life and help you discover what you’re truly capable of. 


I’m here to help and serve by shining a light on the next step you need to take in order to become truly wealthy and experience a life of FREEDOM.

But ultimately it’s up to you to make it happen.

Take your next right step, click on the link below, and let's get started.

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