Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering, “It doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve more than this…”


Or maybe you’re feeling that mix of anticipation and fear because you’ve got something important to share with the world — but you haven’t yet figured out how to turn it into a profitable, sustainable business.


That inner voice is correct. Your feelings are on point.


You’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can personally achieve, and you know it. But my guess is since you’re reading this, you’re ready to change all of that. 


Whether you’re a total beginner, a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, a writer, a freelancer, an experienced professional, a coach, a teacher, a designer — whomever you are and whatever you do, there’s one thing that’s certain:


Running a profitable, values-driven business can profoundly change the quality of your life.

We know this firsthand. 


After 8 profitable years in business and thousands of lives touched, we can honestly say that building a heart-centered business is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you can experience in this lifetime. 


We believe that our world will improve for everyone — socially, politically, economically and environmentally — when more businesses are built and run by people like you.


Which is why we’d love you to join us inside of The Income Amplifier. 


We’ll help you fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results and save you years of expensive trial and error.



Our Plan For You

During this 8-week intensive coaching experience, you will validate your course idea by first selling it, then creating it. 

Once you've delivered on your promise to your paid clients you will then convert your course content into a book that you can self-publish and sell on Amazon. 

The Income Amplifier is different from other digital courses you may have taken in the past. Our no-nonsense, streamlined strategy is designed to help you accelerate your earning potential by showing you how to profit first. 

We offer convenience & speed with done-for-you templates and swipe files.

Your Success Path includes 6 key steps designed to help you convert your expertise into two new streams of income, that you can then automate and be able to generate passive income again and again.


Saving you time, and energy so that you can get back to doing what you love the most.


This 6-step success path is the EXACT strategy Molly Ann took to build her successful business and to regularly hit her financial goals.

What happens after you sell, create and deliver your digital course and book? 


We ask you to increase your income goals and then reach for those on a second go around. You don't stop until you get tired of ampliying your income.

Implement Everything Taught & Walk Away With... 


Earn back your initial investment or MORE by Module 4. 


Successfully create & deliver a digital course using free to low-cost tools. No need to be tech-savvy, we've got you covered. 


Become a standout authority in your industry by becoming a published author. Promote &/or Sell your book to land more speaking opportunities and grow your email list - FAST!  


Who's This For?

Income Amplifier is for only one kind of person - the heart-centered go-getter.


If you're looking for a get-rich-quick program this is not that. 


This program is for someone who wants to earn money by sharing their answers and helping real people solve real problems.

Are you ready to stop just trading your time for money?


Do you dream of being your own boss, setting your own hours and pay rates and building True Wealth? 

Do you fantasize about being able to work from anywhere in the world? Taking off as many paid days as you'd like?

Do you wish that you no longer had to choose between work and spending time with those you love?

Do you desire to become a standout authority in your industry and have the ability to positively impact more people worldwide​?

If the answer to any (or all) of those questions is YES.

The Income Amplifier is for you!

How Will It Help Increase Your Income?

97% of people focus on earning a living by trading their time for money and working a j.o.b (just-over-broke).

3% of people (wealthy people) tap into their creative faculties, invest in themselves and focus on creating multiple streams of income that allow them to leverage their time, energy and expertise. 

Everyone on the planet has a problem that needs to be solved. And there's some problem that you have the answers to because you've successfully solved it in your life or business.

Because 100% of the focus inside of The Income Amplifier is helping other people solve a problem, all you need to do is show up in service and trust the process.


Attend the lessons, ask questions and implement the strategies presented and you WILL increase your income - FAST!

Free up your time & be there for the moments that matter most.

Will It Really Make Me More Money?

The better question to ask yourself is this… will having products to offer, make me more money?


The answer is YES, a thousand times over.


When you have products that solve a problem you make more money. But if you’re not doing anything to help solve that problem, or you’re putting yourself out there to let others know how you can help, you won’t make more money.


You see just trading your time for money keeps you stuck living paycheck to paycheck.

When you don’t go to work, your paychecks stop coming in. Nobody wants that.

Instead, now you'll be able to leverage your time and expertise so that you can automate it and earn money even while you sleep. 


So to answer that money question again, YES!


If you join The Income Amplifier and then you do the work, you will make more money.


How Do I Know That People Will Pay For What I Have To Offer?

The honest answer...

you won't until you ask!


We get it, it can be scary to have an idea and then have to ask others to buy into it. 

That's why we make the sales process simple by providing you with...

  • step-by-step proven strategies,

  • done for your templates and

  • easy to customize swipe files that you're set up for success!

All you have to do is connect to your personal power base of contacts, reach out and let them know how you can help. 

It really is that simple. 





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