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Thanks for signing up for the ONLINE BUSINESS CLINIC waitlist. This page serves as confirmation that you, my friend, made a smart move!


I'm super proud of you and can't wait to show you what we have prepared and have in store. The first 18 months of content has been mapped out already and it's looking phenomenal!


I wish that I had this information back when I started my first 4 businesses - that all failed. I did the same thing wrong in every single business.


What I did wrong to cause all 4 of my businesses to fail within the first year they opened... 
☓ I had incredible service and a ton of passion 
☓ I built the arc thinking that everyone would come. You know that saying right? Build it and they will come? It's a lie. Build it and launch to crickets and you'll FAIL.

What I did differently in my current wildly successful business... 
✓ I figured out whom I wanted to serve and how I could serve them.
✓ I created a business plan
✓ I built an audience of my perfect type of clients


Because I did this, I never have to sell anything. Truth be told, I hate selling. It makes me uncomfortable and makes me doubt myself.


But because of the way my business has been built, all of which I'll teach in ONLINE BUSINESS CLINIC, all I have to do now is keep fine-tuning my marketing funnel so that I have a consistent stream of new clients, and then focus on being of service to them.


Do you want that? Well, you're officially one step closer today!


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Molly Ann Luna | Online Marketing Expert & Growth Strategist 


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I just wanted to send you a quick message to share something really cool with you.


I just signed up on the VIP waitlist for Online Business Clinic. It's a monthly coaching/mentoring program for health & wellness business owners that focuses only on helping you to get a consistent stream of new clients for your business so that you can make a significant more amount of money and have a better work-life balance. 


There is a ton of information on the website. You definitely want to be on the VIP waitlist because when enrollment opens in the third week of September, only the people on the waitlist will get the almost 50% off rate.


Check it out at and if you have any questions you can email them from that page and they'll get back to you!


Just wanted to share :)


Have a great day whatever you're up to!


P.S. VIP waitlist closes soon.