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It doesn't matter how much you know about your area of expertise, how many degrees or certifications you have. 

It doesn't matter how passionate you are about what you do or how you desire to help others transform their lives. 


It doesn't matter how well your products, programs or services work. Or how much you dream about making huge profits.

None of this matters if you don't have a steady stream of new clients coming into your business on a consistent basis.


Here's the thing...


If you don't have a rock-solid marketing sales funnel in place, your schedule isn't booked out and you don't have prospective clients on a waitlist, you're missing out on big money.

Let's fix that, shall we?

If you want new clients lined up eager to work with you, then the Online Business Clinic Membership is a no brainer.


The business success training videos, coaching, tools, and templates are all designed to help you get new clients - FAST!


What we teach you each month can be implemented into any business model big or small, new or old.


If you can set aside 2-3 hours per month to learn and implement these high converting strategies into your business, you will get and keep more clients.

*The Online Business Clinic membership is designed for busy people who are looking for proven step-by-step strategies to help them build a profitable and portable online business.




Where on this scale are you right now? Where would you like to be?

Where on this scale are you right now? Where would you like to be?






  1. YOU'RE NOT ATTRACTING THE RIGHT CLIENTS OR ANY CLIENTS AT ALL - you're struggling to keep your schedule full with clients you love  

  2. YOU KNOW THAT YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, BUT DON'T HAVE A SOLID BUSINESS PLAN OR MARKETING STRATEGY - you're confused and overwhelmed, you're not sure how or where to start to get the word out about your business

    you're frustrated that despite having a website and posting on social media you're not generating a profit like you know you should be

  4. YOU'RE NOT CLEAR ABOUT HOW TO GUIDE YOUR CUSTOMER TO THEIR TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY - you've heard of a marketing funnel, you know that you need one, maybe even attempted to create one, but you're stuck and need help finding and fixing the kinks

  5. YOU DREAM OF HAVING A CONSTANT STREAM OF NEW CLIENTS AND BEING ABLE TO HIRE YOUR TEAM - you're a solo-entrepreneur who's sick and tired of doing it alone, you've worked hard to build the clientele you have, but now have zero wiggle room in your busy schedule and can't ease up on the gas out of fear you'll lose momentum

Where You Are Now...

This Membership Will Help You...

1. ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS CONSISTENTLY - you will only attract the clients you want & you will have a waitlist of eager clients excited to work with you

2. GET CRYSTAL CLEAR ON WHOM YOU SERVE AND HOW YOU'LL SERVE THEM - you're confident knowing that you have a rock-solid business plan that will help you reach more people and make a bigger impact worldwide

3. DEFINE YOUR CORE MESSAGE & ALIGN YOUR VISUAL BRAND WITH YOUR SALES GOALS - you're message and marketing campaigns are on point, you now have a successful strategy to be consistent in your brand across all platforms, the transformation you offer is clear in your marketing messaging

4. CONSTRUCT A SUCCESSFULLY FUNCTIONING MARKETING FUNNEL you're proud that you can now effortless guide your new followers along your sales path journey, taking them from a prospective client to a happy paying customer who can't help but give you a 5-star review

5. ATTAIN A CONSTANT STREAM OF NEW CLIENTS ON DEMAND & GET YOU READY TO SCALE YOUR BUSINESS - you're excited to move into the next season of business building and to start delegating to your incredible team, you've now shifted your focus to a higher level of continued professional development so that you can take your business to the next level

If your end goal is to get more clients and earn more money. You're in the right place and THE ONLINE BUSINESS CLINIC MEMBERSHIP will help you get there.  

If you are at a milestone 1, 2, 3, or 4 you will benefit from


Our Plan For You

Joining a monthly membership is pointless if you just move from month to month without a structured success path.

Surely you've seen monthly membership communities charge people for delivering random content and throwing them into a Facebook group to chat among themselves. While it might bring you more friendships and make you feel supported, it's highly likely that you haven't smashed your business goals because of it.

Online Business Clinic is different. We wanted to put our word on it and show you exactly how we are going to help you to move towards your financial goals.

Your Business Success Path shows you how the 5 stages of membership will lead you to high achievement. It is the exact same path that Molly Ann took to build her successful business and hit her goals.

What happens after you work through the 5 stages? We ask you to increase your profit goals and then reach for those on a second go around. You don't stop until you get tired of making more money!

Each month you'll receive...

success strategy

  • 30 to 45-minute video lesson outlining a proven success strategy that you can implement into your business right away to get new clients.

  • A full copy of the teaching materials to use as a reference at any time.

implementation plan

  • A printable step-by-step success worksheet that you can use to implement the strategy and measure your results. 

  • A printable calendar with a checklist to keep you on track and to help you get things done

business spotlight

  • We sit down with a business owner just like you. They'll share with you the strategies that they use to get and keep new clients as well as any advice and tidbits about running a successful business. This interview is provided in audio format so you can listen from the gym, at home or in the car.



  • As you reach the end of your monthly success strategy lesson, you will find the questions and comments section where you can ask us anything.

  • We're also only one email away which means that you're never alone.

expert knowledge, coaching & business-building support

Who's This For?

Online Business Clinic is for only one kind of person - someone who wants to create a continuous stream of new clients (their perfect type of client) to their business.

Do you live client to client? That's almost like living paycheck to paycheck.

Do you struggle to balance working on your business (marketing, networking, branding, professional development) with working in your business (serving clients)?

Do you want a waitlist of clients eager to work with you?

Do you want clients to pay you what you're worth and tell everyone they know about you?

Do you only want your perfect type of client to knock on your door/inbox? No more price shoppers!

If the answer to any (or all) of those questions is YES.

Online Business Clinic is for you!

How It Will Help Your Business & Brand?

Most business owners spend 99% of their time working IN their business instead of ON your business.


While we admire and agree on the fact that you should give your everything to your clients, the simple truth is that if you don't work ON your business, you won't have enough clients to help.

Every business on the planet needs clients. Your business needs to have goals, plans, strategies, and tactics to get those new clients.

Because 100% of our focus in the Online Business Clinic is client attraction, all you need to do is show up and trust the process.


Take in the content, ask questions and implement the strategy and you WILL get new clients - fast!

Ready to get a steady stream of new clients coming to your business on automatic?

Does this Membership Program Work for Established Businesses?

Yes, we’re so glad you asked!


Whether it’s bodies lined up around the block of your establishment, your client schedule booked solid, or a waitlist of eager buyers standing by excited for the launch of your next course or virtual class the Online Business Clinic is for you.


As a business owner or manager, the responsibility weighs heavy on your heart, shoulders and bank balance to get those numbers up.


Most likely you have a team to pay, a family to take care of and more financial responsibilities than you wanted to have.

But don't worry, we can help!

Will It Really Make Me More Money?

The better question to ask yourself is this… will getting new client, make me more money?


The answer is YES, a thousand times over.


When you have more clients you make more money. But if you’re not doing anything to get new clients, or you’re doing plenty but it’s not working, you won’t make more money.


You see living client to client is like living paycheck to paycheck. When you don’t have clients showing up for training, your checks stop coming in. Nobody wants that. It's less stress, anxiety, and fear in your business. 


So to answer that money question again, YES!


If you join the Online Business Clinic to learn how to get new clients, and then you do the work, you will get more clients.


And you will make more money.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Online Business Clinic?

The Online Business Clinic is a membership program that helps you get and keep a consistent stream of new clients with intellegient marketing strategies so that you can amplify your income and impact.

What's included each month?

Each month you get a new 30-45 minute video lesson outlining a proven business success strategy that you can implement into your business right away to get new clients, supplemental step-by-step success worksheets designed to help you implement the strategies and measure results, a VIP audio interview with a successful business owner with smart strategies to help you get and keep new clients, and unlimited ongoing support from Molly Ann Luna and her team inside of the members only portal.

Who is the membership ideal for?

Our monthly membership is ideal for service-based professionals who work with clients 1:1 or in small group settings. To include, but not limited to, coaches, practioners, educators and varies service-based businesss who are looking for smart strategies to increase and retain clientele.

How much time each month should I plan to dedicate to the membership material?

On average you can expect to spend 2-3 hours a month learning and implementing smart strategies to help you build your clientele and rev up your revenue.

What are your payment plans?

For the best bang for your buck we highly encourage you to pay your annual tuition in full of $970 giving you (2) free months AND saving you $194 today. Yes, we do offer an annual payment plan option of 3-monthly payments of $337. If you prefer you can enroll into our month-to-month program at $97/mo but in order to get the most of this program we highly encourage you to commit to a minimum of 12 months. *scroll to the top to select your payment plan and get started now.

How will this membership help my business?

Whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur or business owner the membership program will help you grow your clientele and get your current clients to sign up with you again and again. This membership solely focuses on providing you with fresh ideas to build a powerful and profitable business.

Is there a community associated with this membership that allows me to connect with like-minded people?

We do not currently facilitate an active community portion of this program for one very important reason and that is that we feel like when it comes to building your business and acquiring new clients each business owner is on their own unique journey. Often times we find that comparing ones journey to another can become disempowering, therefore we do not offer a community element to this membership. You are however, highly encouraged to leave comments and engage on the topic threads inside of the OBC Members portal. You are also welcome to connect with like-minded, entrepreneurs, business owners and fellow OBC Members from across the globe inside of The Legacy Leaders Community Facebook group

What’s your cancellation/refund policy?

Because once you access the members only vault you're able to download the content we are unable to offer refunds. If however you are a month to month member you can cancel anytime, no refunds.