Great things happen when great companies partner. They change lives and grow businesses.





A Rising Tide Raises All Boats

Take a look at the top 5 reasons to partner with us. Most partners benefit from three or more of these reasons. We’d love to discuss the challenges and needs of your organizations (perhaps even just areas of improvement) and the best way to do that, starts with a phone call. For a no obligation, exploratory call, schedule an appointment with our team.


Is your organization going to be at

FIT Expo in Anaheim June, 1?
IDEA WORLD in Anaheim June, 28-29? 

We'd love to buy you a drink or sit down with a coffee. 

Revenue Share

We are proud to be a generous company. Our success is your success and this is evident in our revenue share program. 


For each of our three core services [membership, business blueprint, social media circuit] we offer up to 20% revenue share for your organization. 


We do all of the heavy lifting, client support, content creation, and more. 


Here’s an example of the revenue share for a partnership organization with 15,000 members and a 10% subscriber base:


1500 subscribers x $37/mo social media circuit subscription = $11,100/mo

What would your organization do with the additional passive revenue? Other organizations use it for some of the following: events and conferences, additional corporate staffing, scholarships, budget deficits, charity donations, and marketing and advertising to attract new members. 

Specialized Education

Special education means that 8 out of 10 associations and organizations and fitness franchises provide insufficient marketing education.


Those who do provide it, usually offer a startup service, but do not offer continuous education. The challenge with marketing is that it is dynamic and volatile and that it requires continuous study and implementation. 

This is what we do. This all that we do. 


Adding our specialized business growth and marketing education to your existing program not only is complimentary but also provides your members and units with a greater chance of succeeding in a busy market place. 


Unless your organization has the time, money, and resources to expand into this arena, partnerships make the most sense.

Borrowing Expertise

If you're a small organization who doesn't have the marketing team or bandwidth to scale as quickly as you'd like. We're happy to step in as you go to marketing partners.  


Working with us saves your team time, money and energy. Instead, allow us to do all of the heavy lifting for you, as we specialize skill in continuous professional development, social media best practices and, smart and savvy online marketing strategies. 

As everyone knows, the jack of all trades is the master of none. 

You're invited to borrow our expertise to leverage your organizations reach and impact.

Measurable Results

A partnership is only successful when the results are measurable and the benefit mutual. Each of our services has simple, but clear metrics including, but not limited to, participation engagement, bottom line growth, social media traction, and overall program participation. 


We value our partners and enjoy being transparent with our joint venture results. It allows us to continue improving with and for you. 

Easy On Your Team

Chances are you have a small team, super busy team and/or few positions that specialize in digital marketing and business growth for your members and franchises. 


There are a few ways to solve this; you can hire a new staffer, outsource the work, or bring in the expertise through a partnership. 


The last option is often the most favorable as it allows you to manage time and money while leveraging expertise that looks and feels like an extension of your brand. 

White Label Options

If you’re looking for a long term partnership, a while label or customized program may be for you. 

While labeling allows you to take advantage of expert work, saves you time and money and strengthens your brand with a new refined product or service. 


It’s like have an insider team for a fraction of the cost. 

A New Unique Selling Point For Your Sales Team

Whether your organization sells fitness accreditation programs or fitness franchises, your audience makes a decision to purchase with you based on your unique selling points. 


It’s a no brainer buying decision to sign up with the organization that provides post-accreditation or post-franchise business growth support. Because at the end for day an empty studio or blank training roster is no good to anyone. 

There are so many ways to partner with us that will grow your association, franchise sales or memberships. If you'd like to generate more revenue, extend your education offerings, and/or provide more services, reach out today.
We'd love to tailor a program for you - remembering of course that this program can be at little to no cost for your organization.