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01 | The One Unconventional Strategy That Took My Health Business $0 to 6-Figures In 6-Months

This is one of those proud and unexpected moments in my career as a business owner.

I quickly realized that the traditional corporate 9 to 5 gig, (despite the ‘fat’ paycheck, 401K and year-end bonus) wasn’t for me after all and I craved something more.

I knew that I wanted to help others transform their lives in a BIG way and be paid handsomely for it.

I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible for me to earn more money out on my own, being my own boss then stuck behind a cubicle at the mercy of another task master’s to-do list.

So despite all odds, and initially having zero business acumen, I set out to build something of my own.

I spent months and months getting one of the top fitness certifications, I built a website, I designed a logo, I invested in seriously nice fitness supplies, I spent countless hours invested in creating videos on YouTube and posting on Facebook, I was doing it all right…or so I thought.

As a newbie business owner, I thought that I was setting myself up successfully in order to welcome in a steady stream of new clients.

But it wasn’t until I started to incorporate this ONE strategy that the clients and dollars started rolling in - FAST!

And the truth is, as simple as it is to incorporate this strategy it is EXTREMELY powerful.

In fact, I believe that every business owner should utilize this strategy at one point or another, especially if they’re just starting out or experiencing a lull in sales.

This is an important Universal lesson that will help to up-level your life and business, I swear.

Please keep in mind, that when it comes to building a profitable business, it isn’t something to be done alone.

Eventually, you’ll need to call upon great forces and bring people on who stand behind your vision and are just as motivated as you are to achieve it.

People who can help guide and support you along their entrepreneurial journey, pointing out pitfalls and providing successful solutions so that you can grow and scale your business even faster than you could ever do on your own.

Tune into today’s pilot episode of the Online Business Clinic podcast, to hear my first business success story and key lessons learned. I promise you won’t regret it.

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