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06 | How To Identify Your ICA

Before you can charge ahead and build your marketing funnel, you first need to have a solid handle on exactly who your ideal client avatar (ICA) is. Doing so will help to streamline your marketing messaging and mega-boost your business.

So, What Is an ICA?

Your ICA is someone that you love to work with and who gets their exact needs met and problems solved through your products and services.

WARNING! Defining your ICA takes work. As your health & wellness business grows and evolves so might your ICA, so you will need to plan on revisiting these exercises over and over.

With this being said, please do not rush through this module. Because quite literally this module could make or break your health & wellness business.

Those who know their ICA on the deep levels have the biggest financial wins. The health and longevity of your business lie in your ability to clearly define and connect with your ICA.

Why Do I Need an ICA?

When you are focused on building a thriving health & wellness business, the last thing that you want is to be working with tough customers.

You should be able to wake up excited to work in your business and if you want it to really flourish, then choose to focus on working with only the best clients. Those that are eager and excited to join you along the journey.

Give yourself permission to be picky about what types of clients you bring on board because the last thing you want is a handful of ‘bad’ clients who end up pulling you away from offering life transformational experiences and excellent customer service.

Choose to focus your energy to better serve the quiet, compliant, easy-to-work-with, ‘good’ clients. And attracting more people like them.

Together, let’s view a few of the top characteristics of the ideal client's avatar you’ll want to be on the lookout for:

And there you have it! Get excited because this information will make your life a whole lot easier and health & wellness business much more enjoyable.

Defining Your ICA

All entrepreneurs should be intensely focused on their prospective customers. The ability to find a customer, sell your product or service to that customer, and satisfy the customer so that they buy from you again and/or refer you to a friend should be the central focus of your health & wellness business.

The more you know your ICA, the more focused and effective your marketing efforts will be and the more financially successful your business will be.

So, when defining your ICA, think in terms of demographics (age, education, income), geographic location (physical location) and psychographics (ie. beliefs, morals, values).

Here are my 4 tips to help you define your ideal client avatar:

Define the ideal customer for what you sell. (Age, education, occupation or health & wellness business, and income… the more details you know, the better).

Determine the location of your exact customer.

Determine exactly when your ideal customer buys your product or service.

Determine your customer's buying strategy.

Your ability to clearly define and determine the very best customer for your product or service will in return, determine your success in health & wellness business.

Most entrepreneurs aren't clear about their ideal customer. For this reason, they waste a lot of time and money trying to sell their product to people who aren't good potential customers.

Your ability to clearly define and focus in on the customers who are likelier to buy your product or service will be essential to your health & wellness business success.

Reaching Your ICA

Obviously, you need to have a solid understanding of your health & wellness business. You need to have deep knowledge of your business from your customer's point of view.

Get clear on exactly what you offer to your customers by doing the following things...

Get in Front of Your ICA on a Regular Basis.

The next step will be to figure out where and how your ideal client spends time in virtual reality and real life.

This will be essential to making sure that:

Your brand has a presence on the various platforms and/or locations that your ideal client regularly visits.

You are positioning your content – and calls-to-action – exactly where your ideal clients will see (and hopefully respond to) them.

Now it’s time to decide which online platforms to use. There’s so many and always new ones emerging but the main platforms tend to be Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Each platform has its own audience as we will discuss in this week’s episode. So, according to their demographics, you’ll want to consider which ones will bring you closer to your ICA.

There’s also offline platforms such as magazines, community events, TV shows, physical locations, trade shows, expos, special interest groups, newspapers, and brick & mortar locations.

When it comes to finding and connecting with your ideal client, the bottom line is that having a clear concept of who your ideal client is will be integral to:

Knowing where they spend time and then focusing on developing a presence in the same place (s).

Creating the content that is interesting to them so you can capture (and keep) their attention

Making the important connections that can grow your health & wellness business – as well as its presence and authority online.

Identifying your ideal customer can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. However, it’s an important step in growing and improving your health & wellness business, and with the above advice and guidance, the process doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

Strive to do your best in defining your ICA. Know that he or she will evolve as you build your business, but doing this work will have you well on your way to not only reaching new customers—but the RIGHT ones!

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