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06 | How To Identify Your ICA

Before you can charge ahead and build your marketing funnel, you first need to have a solid handle on exactly who your ideal client avatar (ICA) is. Doing so will help to streamline your marketing messaging and mega-boost your business.

So, What Is an ICA?

Your ICA is someone that you love to work with and who gets their exact needs met and problems solved through your products and services.

WARNING! Defining your ICA takes work. As your health & wellness business grows and evolves so might your ICA, so you will need to plan on revisiting these exercises over and over.

With this being said, please do not rush through this module. Because quite literally this module could make or break your health & wellness business.

Those who know their ICA on the deep levels have the biggest financial wins. The health and longevity of your business lie in your ability to clearly define and connect with your ICA.

Why Do I Need an ICA?