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07 | How to Leverage Your U.S.P. So That You Can Sell More with Less Effort in 5 Simple Steps

No one likes a copy cat and in today’s world, those who are unique are celebrated.

Tell me, what do Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Kim K, and Donald Trump all have in common?

Brand Power.

Love them or hate them they’ve done a phenomenal job to rise above the crowd and build themselves a powerful brand.

Their fan base is so strong they could choose to sell almost anything without effort.

That my friend is our goal for you and your health & wellness business.

No, I’m not talking striving to reach celebrity status here, (well maybe for a few of you) but I am talking about discovering how to leverage your U.S.P. so that you can gain a steady stream of new clients, and sell more with less effort.

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