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1 to 1 Coaching VS Group Coaching: How to Structure Your Coaching Business

You’re starting a coaching business and you can’t decide between offering 1:1 coaching, group coaching or maybe a hybrid of both. Well my friend, you’re in the right place!

In today’s episode of The Online Business Clinic we’re taking a closer look that the pro’s and con’s setting up your coaching for success by offering 1 to 1 coaching vs group coaching.

Structure is essential for thriving, without it chaos ensues and leads to destruction. As a coach you need to outline a clearly defined way of helping your clients get from where they are to where they want to go.

How you present information, provide guidance and help your client get results will determine how successful your coaching business becomes.

The Differences between Individual Coaching and Group Coaching

While the most apparent difference between 1 to 1 coaching vs group coaching is the number of people you are offering guidance to, there are many other subtle and yet not so subtle differences.

Here are some key factors about each coaching structure so that you can understand the differences between them:

1 to 1 Coaching allows you as the coach to provide the individual client with specific strategies and tactics tailored to their core problems. It’s more intimate and allows more space for pivoting strategies and tactics in order for the client to reach their goal.

Group coaching allows you as the coach to guide more people at the same time through a transformational experience via pre-determined strategies and tactics designed around ONE core problem. It’s less intimate, it doesn't allow as much space to pivot strategies and tactics, but it does allow the members of the group the opportunity to further learn from one another and support each other along the way.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of One-On-One Coaching

1 to 1 coaching is advantageous in several ways, but as with anything, it also comes with its disadvantages. Let's go over the pros and cons so that you have a better understanding.

The Pros of 1:1

  • You can provide your clients with specific strategies and tactics tailored to their business.

  • A customized experience to each individual client, providing them with personalized guidance.

  • You as the coach may find it easier to focus and provide your professional guidance without any distractions of other voices chiming in with questions.

  • You can charge more for 1 to 1 coaching vs. group coaching due to the complexity of the personalized information you provide them with

  • You will form a stronger bond with your clients, getting to know their personalities and strong suits as well as their weaknesses.

  • 1 to 1 coaching provides you the Coach with the opportunity to get direct feedback from your client, helping you grow and improve as Coach as you go

The Cons of 1to 1 Coaching:

  • As a coach, you may find it more difficult and time-consuming to form a structured curriculum per client.

  • Your client won't have the ability to connect, learn and grow and be accountable alongside others.

  • You place an earning cap on your revenue as you can only charge so many dollar per hour and there are only so many hours in the day

  • Client’s can flake, miss appointments, cancel or reschedule last minute, keeping you as the coach constantly having to shift things on your calendar

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Coaching

With group coaching, you will find that the advantages for you as the business coach outweigh the disadvantages, and here is how:

The Pros of Group Coaching:

  • You can guide your clients with a proven success roadmap with specific strategies and tactics designed around one core problem, so that you can help more people get to where they want to go

  • You will have more time to work on other aspects of your business or enjoy life

  • You as the coach may find it easier to focus and provide your professional guidance without any distractions of picking and choices amongst various strategies (paths)

  • You can earn more for group coaching vs 1 to 1 coaching due to the ability to coach many people at the same time

  • You will create space for the group to form stronger bonds amongst each other and allow them to each learn from the success and mistakes of each client's attempt to reach the core goal.

  • Your earning potential is limitless as you can charge based off of the transformational experience and not hour and you’re not limited to the number of people you can serve at one time (building size of digital platform dependent)

  • As the Coach you lock in specific dates and time to hold your group coaching sessions, clients show up or they don’t, but you no longer have to keep up with their agenda

The Cons’s of Group Coaching:

  • Clients won't receive your direct attention nor information that is primarily focused on their individual problems.

  • Filling seats for a group coaching program can be intimidating (at first) *I teach you how to easily do this inside of The P.I.P. Launch Lab (add link:

Key Points Regarding Group Coaching

All-in-all, group coaching not only benefits you as the Coach it also provides great benefit to the members of the group.

Even after reading the above content, if you are still uncertain as to why group coaching is beneficial to you, here are three key points regarding group coaching:

  • When launched correctly, a group coaching program can amplify your income. By simply using The P.I.P. Method, you can not only get paid to build a group coaching program, but by inviting many people to join the experience you’ll build a better product than you ever could on your own by creating space for your group coaching clients to draw out the answers from within you.

  • You will amplify your impact as a coach via group coaching by serving many people at once. Not only will your clients have direct access to you but to their fellow peers as well, allowing everyone to form connections and network.

  • Offering a group coaching program makes it possible for you to create your lifestyle and gain the financial freedom you desire. Your group coaching program could then eventually be turning into an evergreen digital course.

After creating your group coaching program and running it a few times to gather feedback from your clients and seeing the results, you will be better able to perfect your program, turning it into an evergreen digital coaching program. Then, you can sell this as a standalone course for future availability. It's even possible to convert your program into a self-published book to help generate new leads.

To learn more about amplifying your income as a business coach, check out my Income Amplifier Program. I'm sure you will find some invaluable information that will only encourage you to make positive changes to your coaching business to be even more successful and impactful than you ever imagined.

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