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13 | How To Feel More Confident With Clients (Even When You're Not)

The ability to exude self-confidence as an entrepreneur is absolutely imperative if you wish to gain and retain clients.

Customers only buy from businesses they trust and who truly believe in the quality of their products and services.

If you don’t seem confident, you will never earn the trust of our clients.

Here are 11 ways to display confidence with you clients even when you feel a bit unsure of yourself…

Groom well and dress the part. No one will ever take you seriously if you don’t dress and groom appropriately. It’s better to dress formally than to dress casually. When you dress up, you tend to feel more confident and it will show. It’s important to make a wonderful first impression and it starts with your appearance.

Maintain a mighty posture. Stand straight up with your shoulders back. A great stance gives off a sense of confidence. Make sure your feet are aligned with your shoulders as you stand.

Chin up!

You should always keep your head and stare straight. Hold your head high, always.

When you keep your chin up and your posture straight, you are actually reducing stress hormones while stimulating hormones that build confidence.

Make and keep eye contact. When you don’t make eye contact with a client, it can be perceived as though you are unsure, frightened and even unfriendly. Not making eye contact can seriously detriment your ability to make a sale.

Never fidget around.

Fidgeting will suggest to the client that you are bored or nervous. Avoid restlessness and any movements that may make you appear anxious.

Make slow yet self-assured motions. Individuals that move around quickly and seem rushed are often nervous beings. Always display movements with a purpose. Take slow strides and overall, make more subdued motions.

Get your handshake down.

A firm grasp makes for a better handshake. Eye contact is equally as important. A weak handshake won’t at all impress anyone you are working with or trying to make a sale to.

Smile often. As humans, we are drawn to other humans that smile. Those that smile give off a sense of happiness and confidence that we all admire.

Avoid talking out of nervousness.

Nervous chatter will make you look uncomfortable and even make the client uncomfortable. Focus on the topic of conversation and try to avoid talking about yourself or irrelevant topics.

Rest assured in your knowledge base.

Even if you are just starting out, know that you are more knowledgeable than those you are trying to sell to. That is why you have your business and why people will come to you. Stay focused and know that you are the expert.

Focus on the transformation.

Even if you’re not feeling confident, trick yourself into feeling confident. It can be done. Hide your fears and uncertainties. Most successful people portray confidence on the outside but are actually anxious and not so self-assured on the inside.

Control what you say, your actions, the way you dress and properly prepare for your meeting with your client, and you should have no problem making the sale.

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