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16 | How To Write Social Posts That Convert

Exceptional social media posts are imperative if you wish for your engagement to turn into sales. Your content should bring forth brand awareness, client retention, and lead generation but you must first focus on the quality of your posts.

Let’s move forth so that you can learn how to effectively write social media posts that convert…

Use a casual, conversational tone.

You want your social media platform to be more enjoyable and engaging than your business’ website. Most people prefer to see what a business is all about through the company’s social platform before visiting their website. Not all platforms are the same so adjust your tone to meet the demands of the audience using the social platform. For example, LinkedIn members include more business-minded individuals while Facebook is a place where people come to enjoy posts and the engagement it allows for.

Keep it simple and brief.

Too many words (even when allotted) might turn a person away. Always keep it simple and short. In fact, studies have shown that short posts and videos make more of an impact and gain a customer’s attention quicker. If you want to share a story with a user, simply say a few impressive words in regards to what it is about and include a link to the actual story.

Include a call to action.

You want your audience to take action so carefully think about what you should say to motivate them to do so. It is wise to begin a social media post with a question or a profound statement. Be catchy and concise.

Keep it personal by including we, I, us, me, and you. To build connections and form relationships, you must include your audience. Write out your posts as though you are speaking face to face with your clients. Informal language is much more effective on social platforms.

Always conduct thorough research. It doesn’t matter how good you are with your words, if you haven’t conducted any research or drawn any comparisons, your posts will not resonate with your audience. Understand your audience and include data, studies and information in your posts that are targeted to them.

Don’t worry so much about punctuation. To save yourself from breeching character limits, don’t hesitate to leave out a comma or period. You may also highlight and bold letters to make a definitive statement.