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20 | How To Craft A Killer Lead Magnet That Converts

Before we can delve into how you can go about creating your lead magnet, you must first understand what a lead magnet is and what types of lead magnets exist. The more knowledge you have in this sector, the better.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an incentive offered to potential clients in an attempt to obtain information from them such as their contact information or email address.

What are some examples of lead magnets?

  • Case studies

  • E-books

  • White papers

  • Exclusive videos

  • Free shipping

  • Free trials

  • Discounts

  • Tickets to an event

  • Tools

  • Checklists

  • Blueprints

  • Swipe Files

  • Slide Decks

  • Images

Why do health & wellness businesses need lead magnets?

Health and wellness businesses need lead magnets because they help encourage a relationship with potential buyers which may ultimately lead to a sale. Nonetheless, you must have a well crafted, high-value lead magnet to help attract your ICA (ideal client avatar) and encourage them to join your email list so that you can produce quality leads.

Why are lead magnets important?

Your lead magnet is the first part of your sales funnel. It is the most critical part considering that no one is ever going to be aware of your services or products without some sort of introduction. You must have an effective lead magnet in place in order to generate leads and increase awareness of your health and wellness brand.

Pointers for Creating an Alluring Lead Magnet

  • Be super-specific.

  • Make sure it solves a real problem.

  • Make it quick, simple and concise.

  • Make it a quick read.

  • High in value.

  • It provides instant gratification.

  • Demonstrates your knowledge and credibility.

Before you start formatting your lead magnet, consider asking your prospective clients what they would like to see first. Your lead magnet is created to help those that are interested in your services or products in the first place.

Therefore, it should be of value to them in some way, shape or form. Your lead magnet must be important enough to them that they want to download it or take advantage of it in whatever form it may come in. A good lead magnet will build rapport with your prospective client and begin to foster new relationships too.

Position Yourself as a Leader

Once you have come up with the one problem you can solve for your potential clients, the one that will certainly catch their interest, it’s time to display your leadership in the industry through your knowledge of the topic at hand.

Walking them through the issue one step at a time, in a very clear tone will help you gain your position as a leader and expert. However, you must solve the problem completely, in about five to ten minutes or your audience may lose interest.

Have a Strong Call to Action at the End

Although you are completely solving a problem within the content of your lead magnet, make it clear that this is only one of the problems to be solved in a much broader category of things. This allows you the opportunity to create a strong call to action. For instance, you might say something like, “visit my online store,” or “sign up for my next webinar.” Tell your audience what to do next.

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