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21 FREE Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos to Get More Views

You've put in the hard work to write, record, and publish your YouTube video, but you're not gaining the views you'd hoped for, so what to do?

In this video, I'm going to pull back the curtain on my YouTube post-production strategy and show you 19 free ways to promote your youtube videos to get more views on your youtube channel.

While I only have 1,000 subscribers on my channel, this post-production promotion strategy has brought me over 42,000 views of my videos. I am helping to grow my youtube channel each week without much effort steadily.

If you're excited to discover how to distribute your YouTube video to a broader audience without waiting on the algorithm to sync you up with viewers and (more importantly) without having to do much of any work, then take a second to click the like button.

Doing so helps the ideas in this video spread to other Creators and helps them grow their channels as well.

What I'm about to share with you is part 5 of a 5-part YouTube Content Creator training series designed to help you successfully reach your first or next 1,000 subscribers. In case you missed it, I'll leave a link to the playlist in the description box below.

Now the 21 free ways to promote your youtube videos without having to do much of any work is if you use my (not-so-secret) super hack writing hack, which I shared in part 2 of this series. Most of the work is done in the script-writing phase, and what I'm about to share with you can be outsourced to a virtual assistant for $45/video episode.

(1)Podcast - Repurposing your YouTube video content by stripping the audio file and adding an intro and outro to the file is a simple and low-cost way to send your message to a broader audience, especially if you're content binge-listening worthy for busy people on the go.

(1) Email - For every YouTube video I create, I send the latest episode links to my loyal email subscribers, letting them be one of the first to stay-in-the -in the know.

The YouTube algorithm is undergoing many changes right now, and even our most loyal video subscribers, who love watching our content, aren't being shown our latest videos. That's why having an email list where you have the power to reach them directly is crucial.

Especially for Creators like myself who aren't just on YouTube to build on YouTube but to leverage its ability to grow our business. We don't own YouTube; if it went down tomorrow and you didn't have an email list of your viewers to connect with, how quickly would you be able to recover? Let's not find out, shall we?

Instead, if you aren't doing so already, let's establish an email marketing platform and fire off email updates each time a new video goes live. Currently, I'm using Convertkit; I love them; I've been a loyal user for years and don't see myself switching platforms ever again. They're affordable, easy to use and get my emails to my list of subscribers. I'll leave a link for you to set up your free account below.

(1)Publish a video with a blog post on your website - Again, we don't own YouTube unless you are an owner who happens to be watching this video, then hello. As a Content Creator, it's essential to own your domain.

And if you've been following my Content Creation strategy from A to Z, you've already done good work writing your YouTube script. Why not copy and paste that into a blog post that can live on a piece of digital space you own?

You can add links to your podcast and youtube versions of the episodes to beef it up. Always be sure that you're saving all of your works neatly inside of google drive or similar so that if you ever need to swap those extension links for the original uploads because the platform went down, you can.

(4) Facebook Posts - with each video, when I'm writing the script, I make sure to include social sharing posts. I then have my VA create infographics on and or, create the visual elements, and schedule them on Meta.

(4) IG posts - The identical four Facebook posts can easily be pushed out directly to Instagram with a simple toggle of a button. Some would argue that this is a waste as Instagram has recently changed the game's rules, and traditional posts don't typically get shared. To that, I say, make shorts videos clips either yourself or your video editor and publish those.

I recently had new applications for my signature program, Amplify, come from IG users via a traditional post who had only just found me. So while the reach to new audience members might not be as vast as it once was, it can and does still gain the attention of new viewers and ultimately *fingers crossed* new paying clients.

(2) Pinterest pins & (2) Linkedin posts - Same story here. The written works were created during phase 2 of the Content Creation process, so now it's just a matter of re-sizing the FB/IG graphics to suit Pinterest and logging into each platform, and scheduling the posts. Also, add a link to your YouTube video with a direct call to action for them to watch now.

(1)TikTok (1) YouTube shorts - If you or your editor have already tried to extract high-value short clips from your main video, why not repurpose them as YouTube shorts or TikTok videos? Erika reads the fine print and recently shared that this is exactly what she's done. With over 17M followers across various platforms, she's earned under $200k in passive income from the platform partnership programs.

The following few YouTube video promotion ideas will take a little more time to complete if you do it yourself, or you could delegate these tasks to your VA again.

(1)Update your email signature line. Whether you use Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail (is that still a thing), updating your email signature with a link to your latest YouTube video is always intelligent.

(1) Send links directly to friends and family and ask for engagement.

(1) Reddit & (1) Facebook Groups - Surf these forums to find your ideal viewer with specific questions you know your YouTube videos will answer. Post a link to your video for further reference with a thoughtful comment.

There you have it: my 21 freeways, my team, and I promote my latest YouTube video every week, which helps to grow my YouTube channel's video views.

If you found this helpful, please support me by sure to click the like button. Doing so also gives others a better chance at finding this helpful video.

Also, let me know which promo strategy worked well for you or which one you'll add to your YouTube Content Creator post-production promo strategy in the comments below.

And if you are using YouTube to help attract your ideal paying clients but want more.

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