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24 | How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome: 7 Ways To Stop Feeling Like A Fake

Tell me, have you ever found yourself feeling like a fraud? That despite your knowledge, expertise or proven-track record of success thoughts of doubt have crept into your mind more than once. It’s ok we’ve all been there.

But here’s the thing, if you want to make THIS year your best business year yet, then you it would be in your best interest to do a little inner work and overcome imposter syndrome. In this episode I’ll share with you 7 ways to take back your power and STOP feeling like a fake.

What Is Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success.

'Imposters' suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence

It’s that feeling on OMG…I’m a fraud and everyone is about to find out!

If you’ve felt this way, you are not alone. Some of the greats have admitted to feeling this fear-based lie creep inside of their mind time and time again.

From famous actors like Kate Winselot, Tom Hanks, and Tina Fey. To world-renowned authors like Maya Angelo and COO Billionaire like Sheryl Sandberg.

As a health and wellness business owner, I already know that you’re a person with a big heart. After all, you don’t get into your line of work unless you want to do good work in the world and help to transform lives.

So don’t you agree that it doesn’t make much sense for people like you who are trying to make the world a little better by sharing something they believe in to feel like a fake?


But I get it, imposter syndrome is a sneaky bugger, that weasels its way in regardless of what you know is true. So let’s dive into 7 ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome and to stop feeling like a fake.

#1 Shine A Light - Identify those times when fear creeps in with its death claws trying to hold you back. Instead of trying to ignore it, or suppress it, say out loud “imposter syndrome”. Think of it like hide and seek, when you find it, call it out.

#2 Recognize Your Power - Everyone has a super power, recognize yours and own it. Whether you’re aware of it or not you have several gifts, talents and abilities that make you uniquely YOU. Sometimes we’re too close to ourselves to see those powers. So call up three of your closest friends/colleagues and ask them straight out “What would you say is my superpower?” “What unique thing do you think I offer the world?”

#3 Check Yourself - When you feel like a fraud it’s in relation to some perfection that never actually existed. Often times associated with the feeling of the situation being more important than it really is. So check yourself. No matter how big that thing is, trust me it’s not.

List It - If you tend to be an overachiever like myself it’s much easier to look at all of the things you haven’t yet accomplished vs. what you have. Grab a pen and paper and write down all of the wins you’ve experienced. No matter how small they might seem, they count. Doing this will help you feel grateful for the efforts you put forth so far, and will get your fired up to press on despite what the mini nay-sayers in your head is telling you.

#4 Pivot Your Point of View - When feelings of being less than arise it’s because you’ve been too focused on you. Instead pivot your point of view and turn your attention back to your clients. Make that video you shoot, that blog article your write, that sales call you’ll make, that keynote you’ll give about them instead. When you focus on bringing value to others, you will. And in doing so you regain your personal power.

#5 Make An I Love Me Folder - This one may feel egotistical, but trust me, it's a must do. Make an I love me folder filled with emails, letters, social media text posts, etc. of people, clients, or colleagues singing your praises. When you’re feeling down, open it up and read away, remind yourself that you matter. Don’t worry no one needs to know that you have one, it can be our little secret.

#6 Stop Comparing - As business owners who are just jumping into the game it’s easy to look at someone else’s chapter 20 while we’re still trying to formulate an outline for chapter 1. Yes, it’s ok to peek ahead from time to time if it’s to help inspire and motivate you to keep going, but be warned, doing so could potentially pop your personal power bubble and unintentionally invite doubt.

So I say stop looking ahead, stop comparing. Stay in your lane, eyes on your own paper and keep plugging away at building your business your way.

Everyone has doubts, the best gift you can give the world is to move forward regardless of the doubts—because it gives us the permission to move forward as well.

So don’t hold back, let yourself shine bright because whether you realize it or not there are currently people out there searching for the answers to their problems, that only you and your business can provide.

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