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25 | 3 Questions You MUST Be Able To Answer About Your Business

What’s one thing all successful business owners who have taken their passion and turned it into profit have in common? We’re talking people who own fortune 500 companies to the one-person bootstrap start-up entrepreneur.

Each of them are able to answer 3 key questions.

Small to Large business owners alike, put a lot of energy into figuring out intelligent ways to attract more clients, implementing promotional strategies, curating effective marketing content so that they can serve more people and close more sales in the shortest amount of time.

Today I want to share with you a 3 question strategy that works for the big companies right down to the startup entrepreneur.

If you are a startup entrepreneur take a moment to stop all distractions because this is one exercise you’ll want to be sure to do.

In fact, it’s critical to the health of your business.

Being able to answer these 3 questions for your business can be the difference between powering up your profits or barely breaking even.

So here goes...