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26 | What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Success vs. Failure is held in the mind of the beholder. It’s fair to say that starting and running a new health and wellness business comes with many tough obstacles. Those obstacles can either defeat you or they can be seen as challenges designed to strengthen you.

Successful entrepreneurs have three key traits that they leverage in order to build wilding successful businesses.

If you want to know what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur then stay tuned, because in today’s episode we’re uncovering the 3 P’s.

Success-minded entrepreneurs are willing to face these challenges head on. And they tend to do with a can-do solution oriented attitude, determination to preserve and by implementing a smart action plan that’s designed to exponentially grow their business.


Successful entrepreneurs are radiating with passion, it’s palpable. If you look closely you can see sparks coming out of their ears with enthusiasm to turn their vision into fruition.

Loving what you do is key.

It’s not enough to choose a business model that you ‘think’ will make you money. It’s got to have a mission that you connect with so deeply that you’re willing to work for free.

Entrepreneurs are courageous. Often times navigating uncharted waters. Logging countless hours, days, months, years of hard work before any of their efforts bear fruit.

The most successful entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of delayed gratification. Their passion burns red-hot and keeps them motivated to keep pressing on.

These individuals tend to lean into the future of positive potentiality. Knowing, trusting that their efforts will pay off in dividends both financially and professionally.

Passion is pivotal. If you don’t love what you do, then you may be less likely to stick with your business plan or give up before it has the chance to succeed.

So I say, if you’d don’t love it, leave it. And give yourself permission to pursue what makes your heart sing. Doing so will lead to success beyond your wildest dreams.


A college professor once told me, “don’t just be a student, be a scholar.” Be someone who loves to learn and isn’t afraid to adapt and grow.

Successful entrepreneurs face challenges daily and those who can quickly move past their mis-step and mistakes and instead choose to learn better ways; greatly increase their productivity, success and financial status.

Savvy entrepreneurs are bold enough to take smart risks that have been carefully researched and calculated. The key here is to become educated and/or to surround yourself with educated individuals who can help you and your business thrive.

We’re talking improved communication efforts amongst the team and to your clients, shortening your close sales timelines by improving your marketing sales funnel and offering up the best customer experience imaginable, all while keeping margins low and profits high.

If you don’t know something, be the type of entrepreneur who’s willing to learn. Do this on your own through much trial and error or better yet, by investing in a business growth strategist who can see several steps ahead and provide you with insights to the best systems out there.

The thing is you don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it. So in order to become a successful entrepreneur become someone who’s willing to seek counsel on ways of becoming more productive.


Anyone can say that they want to be a successful entrepreneur, but it’s those who not only have the courage to dream up the vision, but who also are willing to persistently pursue the vision with intentional action.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, know how to create and execute a plan to its fullest, even if the plan isn’t sound.

Action is key.

Once you’d attempted your plan, then be someone who is willing to take a step-back, evaluate, re-asses and try and new approach. Be someone who completes things.

See an idea through from beginning to end no matter what. Take ownership of your business and persevere despite the numerous obstacles that are bound to arise.

The most successful entrepreneurs can stare down failure and overcome adversity by viewing challenges as invitations for improvement. Navigating the inevitable failures of business building with grace and persistence may lead to innovation, finding a new and (better) way of doing things, so don’t give up.

These are the 3 P’s. Passion, productivity, and persistence. If you too want to become a successful entrepreneur it starts here.

From taking smart risks to overcoming failures to learning something new every day, these three success-minded traits can help you take the plunge and prosper as a new entrepreneur in the health industry.

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