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27 | 7 Ways To Get More Done In Your Business

Time is the one resource we don’t get more of. When it’s gone it’s gone. That’s why it’s imperative as an owner to smartly maximize your workday.

In today’s episode of The Online Business Clinic Podcast, I’ll share with you 7 helpful techniques designed to make your daily routine more productive.

#1 Prioritize

As a person who’s a recovering achievement junkie, I can tell you first hand that while it might feel fun to create to-do lists and then move down the task scroll one-by-one it isn’t necessarily the best use of your time, energy or brainpower.

Instead, I encourage you to start with the most challenging task first.

Now I get it, the most challenging task isn’t necessarily the most fun one, but if you tackle it head-on at the top of your day it won’t have the chance to subconsciously zap your energy by bouncing around in brain like a ping pong ball all day saying “get this done!”.

So rather than listing your to-do’s all willy nilly, put t the most pressing task at the top of the list.

Then choose to knock it out, post caffeine buzz while your brain is hot and ready to work. You’ll feel accomplished and the rest of the tasks on your to-do list will feel zip by.

#2 Expect Greatness

Expect greatness both from yourself and from your team. Instead of putting a ton of time and energy into revising other people’s work, due your due diligence to properly train your team upfront.

Set high standards for quality work from the very beginning and trust that they can and will deliver.

If for some reason you do find yourself needing to devote extraneous time making corrections, then it may be time to consider other alternatives.

#3 Batch It

Multi-tasking feels like a superpower that many of us pride ourselves on and strive to maintain, especially as busy parents/entrepreneurs (feed the kids, fold the laundry, send an email, etc.) when it fact it operating that way can seriously stifle your productivity.

Let’s face it you can’t really complete one thing well if you’re focused on also completing a million other things. Your efficiency suffers, period.

Instead, batch it!

Try grouping similar tasks together and check those off your To-Do list accordingly.

For example, spend time sifting through all of your emails, rather than checking a few here and there while also writing a new blog post.

#4 Set The Clock

Make a game of your workload by timing yourself on completing a task or a group of tasks. Then do your best next time to try and beat it.

Set yourself up for success by powering down other distractions, silencing your phone, locking yourself in the bathroom if need be.

Trust me, there’s nothing like having kids in the house to remind you just how little time you actually have to knock out a task. Instead of getting frustrated, get focused.

#5 Take a Break

When you’re short on time, stepping away from your work area for a few minutes may sound like it could cut into your daily productivity, in fact, the opposite is true.

The truth is, that when you focus on one thing for too long you can feel your motivation waning. Instead, take time to clear your mind, maybe go for a walk. Create dome space and give your work ‘room to breathe’. Giving yourself permission to take a break will reignite your focus and power up your productivity.

#6 Plan for Tomorrow

Before you power down the day, take a few minutes to prep for tomorrow. Quickly write down the top three things you’d like to get accomplished for the next day. Making sure that the toughest one is at the top. This way you’ll as soon as your done enjoying your morning brew, you know exactly where to pick up and have another productive workday.

#7 Celebrate to Elevate

And finally, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Even if you secretly feel like all of the tasks accomplished were menial. Taking the time to celebrate your micro-wins will help to productively propel you forward in the workdays to come.

Too much focus on the big picture can be overwhelming and leave you feeling completely draining. That’s why it’s important to segment your daily accomplishments and give kudos where they’re due.

When it comes to building a thriving health and wellness business, not every task is monumental, but more often than not, necessary to push the needle forward.

So in order to get more done, be sure to stay on top of your productivity by incorporating these simple suggestions into your daily work routine. From batching similar tasks to planning ahead for tomorrow’s workday, these small and simple steps can help minimize your business building stress and maximize your productivity.

Happy business building!

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