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29 | How To Make Money as a Health & Wellness Coach: 5 Awesome Ideas

“How do I make money as a coach?”

You love living a healthy life and if you could you’d share your knowledge and expertise with as many people as possible.

You’ve dreamt of being able to kick your 9 to 5 to the curb and to turn your passion into profit, but you’re just not sure how.

In today’s episode, I’ll share with you 5 awesome ways to make money as a health & wellness coach.

Coaches often start by coaching clients one-on-one, which is great, in fact, it’s number one on our list, but the opportunities to make money don’t end there!

Let’s take a closer look at a few more ideas.

Then at the end of today’s episode, I’ll share with you where you can access smart tools and resources to help you start your own coaching practice and begin earning a great income while also setting your own hours and being your own boss!

As a health junkie, most likely you’ve invested extensively in acquiring knowledge, skills, and specialized abilities to help yourself solve a problem in your own life. Now you wish to help others do the same by becoming a coach.

If your story is anything like mine, maybe you’re already a coach, but you just don’t realize it yet.

When I first got my start as an entrepreneur it wasn’t because I saw my potential, it was because my friends did.