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32 | How To Write An Action Enticing About Page: 8 essential elements

Cultivating a connection is key, especially for business owners who provide personal services to clients.

Every prospective client needs to feel like they know who you are and that they can trust you before they decide to spend their hard-earned cash to work with you.

But how do we as mindful business owners compose a bio that seamlessly annotates our accolades while infusing authenticity and not coming off as annoyingly braggadocious?

In this episode of the Online Business Clinic, Molly Ann shares with you simple, 8 essential elements to writing “about me” copy for your website that helps convert new visitors into paying clients. 

*don't forget to download your success sheet after listening to the episode


#1 A Professional Headshot

Whether your doing business as yourself or behind a brand name, it’s important to show your prospective clients that there’s a human standing by ready to help. And nothing says “you can trust me” like a warm welcoming grin. So be sure to upload a professional headshot to your about page and show off those pearly whites.

#2 Your Name

Even though you may have your name plastered all over your website and/or added to your logo, be sure to add it once again at the top of your about page. Doing so creates a feeling of connection.

Just as if you were networking in a room full of people, the first thing you’d say would be “Hi, I’m So-and-so”. Do it on your about page too.

Because keep in mind the person reading your about page, typically doesn’t know who you are. They’re there to “meet” you. Plus, restating your name, reminds the visitor that a real live human is behind the business.

#3 Your Values

We all have motives for doing what we do and those motives are intricately tied to our values.

A great way to add authenticity is to share a few of your core values with the reader and to provide insights as to why do you do what you do.

Doing so creates space for connection. If the reader can nod their head and say “me too” then you’ve started to build upon the KLT factor, getting them to know who you are, liking you and trusting that you can help.

#4 Who You Serve

Just because it’s called your about page, doesn’t actually mean that it’s about you. Keep in mind that your prospective client is reading this page to decipher whether or not you can help THEM with THEIR problem. And if THEY are willing to do business with you.

So talk about the people you serve, what problem you solve for them and why you’re passionate about helping those particular people solve that particular problem.

#5 Who You Don’t Serve

Craft a single sentence that makes it clear to the reader who it is you don’t serve. I know that for many of your this may be tough because after all you and I are a lot alike. We have a big heart, but limited bandwidth.

So if you’re a health coach who specializes in helping middle-aged men and women lose 50+ lbs make it clear that your not there to help 20-somethings drop the freshmen 15 and get bikini ready.

Or if you’re super spiritual and you believe that mediation and essential oils will cure disease, rock on, but be sure to let those who cling to western medicine know, that this might not be for them.

What we’re looking for here is to give the reader the opportunity to self-identify. Let them decide if they think the two of you are a good fit or not. If yes, they’ll most likely work with you and if not, then they’ll click away in pursuit of someone’s who a better fit.

And trust me, you want that to happen! Give the reader a sneak peek into what’s it like to work with you and your business.

#6 Set Expectations

What can they expect to learn, experience, and achieve when they use one of your products or services?

Spending a moment to talk about the client experience will give the reader a better feel for what it’ll be like to work with you.

#7 Keep It Short

Yes, you have a lot to cover, but keep this copy short. Chances are they don’t know a thing about you. And just like when you meet a person in real life, you don’t want their entire life’s story all at once.

You only want to know just enough to decide if you’d like to invest more of their time into this connection. The same goes for your about page.

#8 Add A Call to Action

Button up your “about” copy with crystal-clear call-to-action.

Know that they know a little more about who you are and how you can help them, invite them to take action by filling out a contact form or clicking a button to “learn more” below.

Ask them to take a deeper look at your products and services and help guide them into a purchasing decision.

*don't forget to download your success sheet after listening to the episode

Bonus Tip: Consider Adding A Video

In today’s digital marketing world video is king because it’s a fantastic tool to help quickly build rapport.

WARNING! On the flip side, video hides nothing. So that means that people can also quickly decide that you’re not their cup of tea and decide to look elsewhere for support. *Psst...that’s a good thing!

If you do decide to add a video to your about page, keep it short! Also, make sure that it's not only well light and nicely framed but that you have good audio. Believe it or not good audio trumps visual production.

Side note: I don’t recommend that you just use video. It’s important that you have a well-crafted copy that is riddled with keywords so that your about page can boost your SEO rankings.

If you'd like help creating killer copy for you website and online marketing materials, join us inside of the Online Business Clinic mentorship program, where you'll have access to professional copy writer's standing by eager and ready to help you hone your marketing message and convert more leads.

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Be sure to drop a comment below letting us know what you're biggest takeaway was from this episode. Better yet, screenshot your about page and post it inside of The Legacy Leaders Community on Facebook.

We'd love to learn more about your business and see what you've been up to!

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