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32 | How To Write An Action Enticing About Page: 8 essential elements

Cultivating a connection is key, especially for business owners who provide personal services to clients.

Every prospective client needs to feel like they know who you are and that they can trust you before they decide to spend their hard-earned cash to work with you.

But how do we as mindful business owners compose a bio that seamlessly annotates our accolades while infusing authenticity and not coming off as annoyingly braggadocious?

In this episode of the Online Business Clinic, Molly Ann shares with you simple, 8 essential elements to writing “about me” copy for your website that helps convert new visitors into paying clients. 

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#1 A Professional Headshot

Whether your doing business as yourself or behind a brand name, it’s important to show your prospective clients that there’s a human standing by ready to help. And nothing says “you can trust me” like a warm welcoming grin. So be sure to upload a professional headshot to your about page and show off those pearly whites.

#2 Your Name

Even though you may have your name plastered all over your website and/or added to your logo, be sure to add it once again at the top of your about page. Doing so creates a feeling of connection.

Just as if you were networking in a room full of people, the first thing you’d say would be “Hi, I’m So-and-so”. Do it on your about page too.

Because keep in mind the person reading your about page, typically doesn’t know who you are. They’re there to “meet” you. Plus, restating your name, reminds the visitor that a real live human is behind the business.

#3 Your Values

We all have motives for doing what we do and those motives are intricately tied to our values.