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33 | 7 Reasons Why You Need to Start Creating Content for Your Business

When it comes to being a standout authority in your industry, content is king. Whether you want to attract new clients or land major media opportunities that are sure to elevate your brand, it all starts with content.

That’s why in this week’s episode of The Online Business Clinic we’re talking about 7 reasons ways you need to start creating insightful, relevant, up-to-date content that can help mega-boost your business.

Here are my 7 reasons why you need to start creating content for your business today…

1. Exhibits Your Expertise

One effective way to highlight your expertise is by creating consistent, relevant, insightful content. We’re talking blog articles, podcast episodes and/or videos.

Creating informed content with your unique point of view conveys to your prospective clients that you know your stuff, that you are up-to-date on the latest industry trends and helps to establish you as a go-to expert.

2. Curates Your Credibility

Building a rock-solid relationship between your business and your clients is a must. People only buy from those they know, like and trust. Ie. a company with a strong KLT factor.

By providing consistent, reliable content, (ideally every week) you’re building trust with clients and curating your credibility. Don’t just simply talk about the features of products or services you offer, but instead talk about the transformations your prospective clients will have when they do business with you.

3. Helps You Stand Out Online

When it comes to creating your content, it’s important to take into consideration the keywords you’ll use in your headlines, titles and the body of the content in order to optimize your search ability. (ie. SEO) Helping people who are actively searching for the answers you can provide find your website, your contents and of course your products and services.

4. Helps Fill Your Funnel

Compelling content that offers helpful information can attract new prospective clients organically to your website, an important component of your overall marketing strategy.

Filling up the top of your marketing sales funnel, the discovery phase, giving more people the opportunity to decide if they’d like to learn more and ultimately do business with you.

Content helps show off your business to a wider audience and can serve as a means of spreading awareness within your market.

5. Sets Your Business Apart

Creating content can help define your U.S.P. you’re unique selling point.

As your business grows, your carefully crafted content that reflects your point of view and vision can show new prospective clients what sets your business apart from others in the industry making you relevant and relatable.

6. Expands Your Reach

People love to share content that makes them look good. When you put together create content that helps to solve problems for your ideal clients, they’ll be more likely to share it with their colleagues and friends.

7. It Won’t Break The Bank

Creating customized content for your business can be easy and fun. To get started you can send a survey to your current audience asking them what they’d like more of.

Simply start by answering their top questions.

You can do this for free yourself, require that your employees contribute regularly or you can hire a copywriter or a team of copywriters for as little as $7-15 a blog.

You can post that straight to your website as a stand-alone piece of content or you can take things one step further and voice record you reading the blog, turning it into a podcast.

From there using a podcast publishing platform like Libsyn you can have that one piece of content sent to many many other social platforms expanding your reach to YouTube, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, and beyond.

Remember that whether you’re looking to book more clients, land speaking gigs or simply be seen as an expert. People will only begin to listen to you when you have something of value to say. So get started today. Share your answers and insights one blog post, podcast or video at a time.

Trust me your perfect client is currently looking for the answers you have in only the way that you can answer them. So get to work!

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