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8 Lessons from Launching an Online Summit in 13 Days with Becky Lynn Mollenkamp

In this episode, we have with us Becky Lynn Mollenkamp, who is a Certified coach for experienced business owners, ready to let go of limiting beliefs and achieve next-level success, and she generously shares valuable lessons that she learned as she had successfully put together a summit in a short period of time, especially in the midst of this challenging situation of the “new normal”.

Becky is the creator of The Gutsy Boss movement, offering 1:1 coaching, group education, and a membership community, with her ultimate goal being to help smart women to get over their fears and to start owning their authority so that they can reach next-level success.

So, come on and let’s join Molly and Becky in this special conversation where you will surely pick up a lot of tips and advice that will propel you to your next breakthrough!


“When you start breaking it into one small action step after another, it's amazing how much you can actually accomplish by yourself and in a short amount of time if you want to.” - Becky Lynn Mollenkamp

“Building a community before you need it, is really smart.” - Becky Lynn Mollenkamp

“If you are really feeling truly called to step up to become a leader, to be an authority in your space, then do it from a place of giving and do it from a place that you are investing in your long term future as well as long term relationships with your fellow peers and community members.” - Molly Ann Luna


The Legacy Leaders Community

Show Notes:

(00:19) Introduction of Becky Lynn Mollenkamp

(01:27) Becky’s experience in putting together a summit in the midst of COVID-19

(02:57) Leaping before looking

(05:07) More lessons learned

(07:02) Types of entrepreneurs that would potentially leverage a summit in building community and brand

(10:08) Big wins and gains at the end of the summit experience

(14:03) DOs and DON’Ts in pulling off a successful summit

(17:46) Quality over quantity

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