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How To Be More Productive When You're Raising Small Kids & You're Short On Time

Are you a go-getter, much like myself, who's got a big vision and is very passionate to step up into your full power to build a really thriving business, WHILE simultaneously doing your very best to hold the house down and raise small children?

Then listen to this episode now because you are going to learn tips on how to accomplish more even when you’re raising small kids with very short work windows.

I’m giving proven tactics that we can do to actually get ourselves complete the needed tasks while going through a crazy yet wonderful phase in our life, and eventually see the results of the effort we put into intentionally taking each step towards reaching our goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in now and find yourself rising above all the To-DOs and become wisely productive!


“You have to prioritize, and then you've got to work focused and as long as it takes to make that happen and try your very best to work at it quickly.”

“It's about finding that center between operating in the ‘focus-detach-complete,’ and then also still being able to hold space for the big picture.”


The Legacy Leaders Community

Brian Tracy

Show Notes:

(00:41) Having very short work windows and availability

(02:27) Taking one step at a time

(04:37) Tip #1: Work longer

(06:57) Tip #2: Work harder, and Tip #3: Work faster

(10:39) Tip #4: Work on the high-value activities first

(11:48) Finding that balance and recognizing that what's most important to you right now

(16:17) Millionaires work all the time

(17:31) Finding synergy between our feminine and masculine energy

(21:05) Tip #5: Batch your work

(21:53) Tip #6: Simplify your work

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