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How To Nail Your Sales Calls with Laura Briggs

Building your online business surely has brought you some excitements but we all know that there are areas that could really scare us especially when we’re in the first few stages of our journey. Well, I’m pretty sure that jumping into that sales call is one of those intimidating areas for most of us.

Worry no more because our guest for today generously shares her strategies in nailing that sales call. We have with us Laura Briggs who is a two-time TEDx speaker and author with Entrepreneur Press, and she talks about essential things on how to overcome your fear in making that initial call and more!

Come join us now in this episode and you will definitely get loads of valuable takeaways that will empower you to hit the mark on your sales calls.


“You don't have to build this perfectly the first time around. You're going to make changes and adjustments and it's okay and you will survive it too. But you have to really be willing to listen and go, ‘You know what, I failed or I made the best decision I could in that circumstance, and it still wasn't right and there's a better way to do this.’” - Laura Briggs

“You're not doing those calls so much to sell something. You are listening, you are hearing the words that they use to describe their problem, you are figuring out whether the offer that you have come up with would really be aligned with helping them solve that problem.” - Laura Briggs


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Show Notes:

(00:24) Greetings and introduction of Laura Briggs

(01:33) The mindset of finding the place of having real joy on how the business is going

(04:36) Arrang