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Two Things You MUST Know To Be Successful in Life & Business

Often times, many people wonder why they’re not more successful at their age. Well, there is a reason for that. There are factors that affect us and the outcomes we experience in life. Success is a dependent variable. It depends on how we define it, and what we actually do to be a success.

In this episode, I am going to share with you the two things that you MUST know to be successful in life and in business. I am going to talk about principles that I live by and brought me in the level of success that I am enjoying right now and still cultivating to grow and expand.

Listen in now and learn the answers that will open the door to true wealth and success.


“The successful person is the person who is consistently working towards a worthy ideal.”

“It's only, only after you've decided within your mind that you can have, do, or be the things that you are desiring for, it's only, only after that, can you even have a chance of making it happen in your real life.”


The Strangest Secret In The World, by Earl Nightingale

Show Notes:

(00:00) Greetings and Introduction

(00:54) Being a positive influence on your kids early on

(04:08) Know what you want and where you are

(07:57) Reframing the definition of “being a success”

(11:16) It all starts with your mind

(14:52) Building a financially successful business

(16:29) Mindset mastery

(19:16) Choose to plant seeds of positivity

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