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Do You Have What It Takes To Start A Coaching Business?

In the midst of the current situation the world is facing right now, there is a huge opportunity that is presented in front of almost all of us. That is the idea of doing the same thing that you are doing for the corporate world but doing it for yourself.

Many of you could have been thinking whether you have what it takes to be your own boss and build your own coaching/consulting business. Well, there is a little bit more work you have to do to be successful and I will share points that you need to have or do to become successful in this endeavour.

Spare this time to listen in and learn about these key points that will pave the way for your true wealth-building journey.


“Once you have the willingness, then it becomes a matter of mindset.”

“I really believe that in order to be an excellent leader, you must be willing to first follow.”

“You have to have an idea of where it is you're wanting to go. And then, you have to try to reverse engineer a plan.”

“I truly believe if you can master your mind, you can live your legacy, whatever that means to you.”


Step Up: How To Start An Online Coaching Business And Turn Your Expertise Into A Money Generating Machine, book by Molly Ann Luna

Show Notes:

(00:01) Greetings and Introduction

(02:10) Pivoting from Corporate America into the coaching world

(04:39) #1 - Having the willingness to make the shift

(06:52) #2 - Creating a definiteness of purpose

(09:52) #3 - The desire for life and future

(10:14) #4 - Having Self-reliance

(11:23) #5 - Having a definite plan

(12:19) #6 - Putting your plan in action and acquiring accurate knowledge and re-assess

(14:10) #7 - Having the willingness for cooperation with yourself and with others

(15:37) #8 - Having the willpower

(17:08) #9 - Developing good habits

(18:26) It starts within your mind

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