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How To Build Confidence and Get Started (even if you think you're not ready) with Jess Critchow

In this exciting episode, we are with an incredible coach and an amazing person altogether, Jess Critchlow. Jess is the owner of Light Up Work where she helps professionals finally reach their big goals and do the work they love, ultimately allowing them to make money by having a real-life change in their confidence and interpersonal skills.

She has over a decade of experience running training programs, coaching, and consulting on workplace improvement initiatives across dozens of industries and countries. Jess is a TEDx speaker who loves geeky conversations about confidence, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Today, Molly Ann and Jess are going to discuss valuable insights about how to build confidence and get started, even if you think you’re not yet ready, no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, whether you are just starting out, like many of our listeners are, or you've been at it a while because sometimes, even if you are a little bit of a seasoned entrepreneur, or you've been at it a while, there's always that next level of growth that can be really scary.

So, better tune in to this episode now and get nuggets of wisdom from the experiences shared and gain more tools that will equip you on your growth journey.


“The goal has to be about learning not performing.” - Jess Critchlow

“‘Expert’ is a myth.” - Jess Critchlow


Light Up Work, by Jess Critchlow

Show Notes:

(00:01) Greetings and Introduction of Jess Critchlow

(02:00) Jess’ background on how she got where she is today

(04:18) Confidence, not complacency

(06:56) There’s always the next level

(08:32) When the voice of limiting beliefs shows up

(10:44) When something is out of alignment

(15:56) The goal is to learn

(17:53) The balance between learning and taking action

(22:29) Don’t compare that polished version you see

(24:05) Where you can learn more about Jess

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