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How To Start A Coaching Business With No Money & No Experience In 3-Steps

Are you ready for a change, seeking a new career? However, you’re thinking that you don’t have any additional skill set and you have no idea how to begin. Start here!

Listen in to this episode and I am going to share with you my simple 3-step process that will set you up for your business journey.

Plus, I am discussing some pros and cons of starting a coaching business that will help you get a clear understanding of the choices that you are going to make as you build your new career.

So, come on and grab your pen and paper, get yourself ready to learn as you check out this episode now!


“You probably already have the experience that you need, you just don't count it.”

“Whatever it is that you do, just know that do the self-study, but doing the self-study doesn't necessarily lead to cash flow, you've got to set up business strategies.”


Step Up, book by Molly Ann Luna

Show Notes:

(00:16) Starting a coaching business

(00:35) Step #1 - You got to get experience

(02:33) Step #2 - Just start small

(03:22) Step #3 - Always ask for feedback

(03:53) A soon to be a billion-dollar industry

(04:39) Set up smart business systems

(05:15) The pros of starting a coaching business