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3 Strategies To Help You Go Pro in Your Life & Business with Jessica Perez-Bebe

Today, we are going to be inspired by an incredible guest who transformed her life and reached the level of excellence that brought breakthrough and success in different aspects of her life.

Jessica Perez-Beebe is an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness-IFBB athlete, and she hosts workshops and retreats and speaks on stages across the country.

She developed a proven PRO Mindset method that helps entrepreneurs adopt the habits, thought patterns, and visualizations used by elite pro-athletes that leads to transformation in business and finances.

Together with Jessica, we are going to talk about transitioning from doing the side hustle to going pro and taking it to the next level. Jessica shares her experience when she made the transition and some PRO tips that will guide us and help us take the first few crucial steps in achieving our next-level goals.


“You train the body first, and as a result, you start to train your mind, and you'll just see that people who have a physical discipline also have that discipline in other areas of life.” - Jessica Perez-Beebe

“In your life, you have got to start letting go of things… mental clarity comes from subtraction, not addition. - Jessica Perez-Beebe

“Your company will only grow as far as your creative mind.” - Jessica Perez-Beebe

“Think about the return that you're going to get, always think about that.” - Jessica Perez-Beebe

“Build your business around what you stand for as a person.” - Jessica Perez-Beebe


Rocket Fuel, book by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters - you can also download the North Star Finder here!

Jessica Perez-Beebe on Instagram

Coach My Mindset, Facebook page

Show Notes:

(00:01) Greetings and Introduction of Jessica Perez-Beebe

(01:48) What made Jessica decide to transition from amateur to pro

(04:14) Training your body first

(05:57) The art of subtraction

(10:22) The idea of the visionary and the integrator

(13:14) The mindset of investing

(15:18) The compound effect

(18:27) Keeping your focus on your own North Star

(22:58) Where you can find out more about Jessica

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