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How to Transition Your Coaching Business To Online

How does working less, earning more, and making a bigger impact sound to you? Are you ready to take your coaching business online? I'm going to share the 7-step process that I used to transition and build my coaching business from a one-to-one model into the online-leveraged thriving business that it is today.

So, come on and join me now in this episode and equip yourself with these strategies that will save you time and energy as you go through the transition.


"If you're serious about scaling and skyrocketing your business, you've got to niche down."

"When it comes to transitioning into the online space, content is king."


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Show Notes:

(00:38) Greetings and Introduction

(01:08) Step #1 - Find your north star

(01:57) The 3-part process of finding your north star

(03:43) Step #2 - Establish authority

(05:50) Step #3 - Build your online business model

(07:52) Step #4 - Outline your offer

(08:26) Step #5 - Take a test run

(09:58) Step #6 - Expand the opportunity through opening enrollment and asking for the sale

(12:50) Step #7 - Streamline your systems and processes

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