How To Get Your New Online Coaching Business Noticed

You want to help amplify your income and impact by sharing your knowledge with others.

You’ve decided to start a coaching business, but how do you get the word out?

With answers to anyone's questions, only a fingertips away, how do you stand out as the go-to coach?

How do you not only get your new coaching business noticed, but how do you get a steady stream of new clients lined up around the block eager and ready to do business with you?

In this episode, I'm to share my five steps to building a credible coaching business and getting the word out FAST.

This is the EXACT process I took to build my business from $0 to 6-figures in just six months.

There’s so much excitement in building a coaching business and working with clients you love. You CAN believe the hype because it IS possible to make a business you love without working 80 hours a week, but it involves some upfront work.

If you take these steps, you’ll be on the right track to building a thriving community, clients that love and respect you, AND steady, increasing income.

5 steps to building your coaching business

The most overlooked step out there is the one that can impact your business and be the difference between reaching the top and falling flat on your face.

Many people stay in the hobby stage for far too long only because they’re unwilling to take this step.

Look down right now. See where your feet are? Be ok with starting from where you are.

To grow your business, you have to build from where you are.

Don't sit around, waiting for your business to take off. Get up and take action. Now!

Step 1: Identify your U.S.P.

No one likes a copy cat, and in today’s world, the unique are celebrated.

Tell me what Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Kim K, and Donald Trump all have in common?

Brand Power.

Love them or hate them; they’ve done a phenomenal job to rise above the crowd and build themselves a powerful brand.

Their fan base is so strong they could choose to sell almost anything without effort.

No, I’m not talking striving to reach celebrity status here (well maybe for a few of you), but I am talking about discovering how to leverage your U.S.P. to gain a steady stream of new clients and sell more with less effort.

Identify your superpower? Ask yourself...

  • What am I good at?

  • What can I do easily?

  • What do people ask me all of the time?

  • How do I help people?

  • What sets me apart from the others solve this problem?

*LISTEN to ep. 7 of the Online Business Clinic podcast for more details on how to identify your U.S.P.

*Pro-tip: Influential leaders are lifetime learners. Never stop learning.

Step 2: Leverage your current circle of influence.

Talk to people you know. Get out in your local community. Offer to help people. If you have an audience already, then talk to your most engaged people on the phone.

(Note: This is just a genuine conversation about why they come to you, how you help them.

Talk to people who are your ideal clients. Listen more than you speak.

Ask them what they are struggling with, what they’ve tried before, what has worked and then not worked, and what kind of help do need. Take notes!

Where can you find these people?

  • In-person

  • Your friends + family (ONLY people who fit the bill of people you want to help + work with)

  • Your local community

  • Online: Give content that your people need for free. Give it to them where they are with no ask or requirements.

  • Collaborations: Do you know anyone who has an audience of people who could benefit from what you have to offer?

Step 3: Build Your Credibility