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How To Create Monthly Content That Will Create Client Demand FAST with Liz Boer

Liz Boer is obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs and small business owners create strategic automated growth plans that best suit their lives and businesses.

"I am excited to share this knowledge with your community and help them to start, grow, and scale sustainable businesses! Together, we can help more women become energized, confident leaders!"

1. IDENTIFY: The content pillars (i.e. connection, educate, or thought reversal) are identifies based on 3 key areas.

2. CREATE: Create monthly topics in under 1 hour - The content pillars from step 1 are used to outline their unique content for their buyer persona.

3. CAPTIVATE AND SHARE: Each week they cover a specific topic that is pulled from the content pillars, making the content creation for each week intentional and congruent across any touchpoint their audience might come in contact with them (social, email, FB Lives, Podcasts, etc.,). Creating content in this way allows them to connect with their buyer persona, be seen as a thought leader, and position their product as a must-buy before they even open cart.



Time Notes:

(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:30) Greetings and introduction of Liz Boer

(01:31) Creating content that creates demand fast<