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How To Launch + Maintain a Lead Generating Podcast with Alesia Galati

As you were thinking about your favorite podcasts, have you dreamt of starting your own but not sure how or where to start? Well, today’s podcast episode is exactly what you need to help you get started!

In this episode, we are joined by Alesia Galati, a podcast producer and manager for business owners and thought leaders looking to have a lead-generating podcast, and not to mention, a mom-boss herself.

Alesia shares with us her 8-step process to successfully launch a podcast to fans and turn it into a lead-generating machine. So, with this process, coupled with your commitment, you will surely have a successful podcast launch that can generate leads for your business.

Listen in now to find out about these, get to know Alesia, and more!


“The ‘know, like, and trust’ factor of a podcast, I think, and I've seen, is 10 times, and that's not a statistic that's just me, 10 times more. It's quicker than a video or a blog post, or a Facebook Live, or anything like that. Why? Because you are in someone's ear, as they're doing their daily tasks.” - Alesia Galati


Two Sisters And A Cult Podcast, by Alesia Galati

Alesia Galati on Instagram

Show Notes:

(00:32) Greetings and Introduction of Alesia Galati

(01:13) Setting up for a successful podcast launch

(02:56) Plan your podcast

(03:45) Market your podcast

(05:20) Marketing strategies before the launch

(08:16) The importance of pre-launch marketing

(10:48) The kinds of businesses that should be having a podcast

(12:39) Planning your episodes before recording

(14:17) Recording and editing the episodes

(15:15) The quicker “know, like, and trust” factor of a podcast

(17:42) How to get leads through a podcast

(19:48) A quick review of the eight-step process

(21:06) Quick talk about Alesia’s podcast: Two Sisters And A Cult

(24:34) Where you can find out more about Alesia

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