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How To Identify Your Perfect Client For Your Online Coaching Business

So, you’ve just started your online coaching business but you’re faced with this challenge of finding and connecting with your first perfect clients and you’re wondering how can you do that? Watch this episode because I am going to share steps on how to find your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA).


“Ask them questions and begin before you're ready.”

“Do not be afraid to just get started one little micro baby step at a time. And just keep asking those open-ended questions. And before you know it, your business will be skyrocketing.”


Show Notes:

(00:25) Greetings and Introduction

(00:43) A question from the Facebook Legacy Leaders Community Group  

(01:32) The best ways to obtain information about your ICA

(02:14) Tap into your immediate circle of influence 

(03:25) The three primary areas of information you need to collect

(05:31) Finding my first perfect clients

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