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How To Get Free Leads On Autopilot with Meg Casebolt

In order to get leads, we need to get in front of more people and we can do that through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I know there are a lot of people like me who are scared when it comes to doing SEO. Well, fret no more because, today, we are joined by Meg Casebolt of Love At First Search.

Meg has been helping female business owners create beautiful, search-friendly websites and strategic content for the past 6 years. She is here to decode and demystify SEO and help us to start to get into it the simplest possible way. She shares her 6-step strategy to really boost your SEO and gives some helpful tips.

You surely don’t want to miss this. Click play and listen to this episode now and realize the great benefits of SEO and how doable it is!


“SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is updating your website, or your specific types of content so that Google can actually understand what it is.” - Meg Casebolt

“[Know] what are the ways that you can solve the problems that they could be looking for before they even know that they have those problems, [so] you can have the content ready to go waiting for them to find.” - Meg Casebolt

“So, there are things that you can do right away to get more people finding you for things that you've already created.” - Meg Casebolt

“[By] finding some sort of way to set yourself apart from the generic by being more specific, you're more searchable.” - Meg Casebolt


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Show Notes:

(00:08) Greetings and Introduction of the episode

(00:46) How people see Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

(01:56) What is SEO?

(03:25) Knowing the audience’s perspective

(06:28) Finding out the topics that people are finding you for

(08:03) The importance of having a website

(12:42) Decoding and demystifying Keyword Research

(16:04) Be very specific

(19:52) Making more about the prospective client

(22:08) 6-step strategy to mega boost your SEO

(22:52) Meg’s bonus tip for your SEO

(24:11) Some tools you can use

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