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How To Legally Protect Your Business with Asia Marie Woods

As a brand new entrepreneur, one of the major areas you know you should look into is how to legally protect your business but you want to know when and what you need to do as a first step. This is why it is great that a lawyer stopped by and joins us for today’s episode.

Asia Marie Woods pairs her creative business strategies and law expertise to provide custom legal solutions for business owners she’s with us to shed light on some of the most important legal matters to look into such as registering, trademarking, copyrighting, and legal protection for different areas of your business.

Make sure to tune in now and you’ll be really happy that you did!


“In this digital space, this online world that we are operating in, it's very important that we own our content.” - Asia Marie Woods

“When you hire a contractor or freelancer, you are basically hiring a separate entity from yours.” - Asia Marie Woods

“In your terms and conditions, you really want to layout the use of the content.” - Asia Marie Woods


Show Notes:

(00:08) Legally protected online business

(00:34) It is important that you own your content

(04:07) When it comes to hiring a third party or a freelancer

(06:27) The importance of laying out the use of your content

(07:45) An agreement to not replicate your content

(09:32) Trademarking and copywriting

(14:13) When to take legal steps to protect yourself as a new entrepreneur

(17:57) Deciding when and how to register your business

(20:25) Where you can find Asia Marie Woods

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