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Group Coaching [Package Your First Group Coaching Program]

This is episode three of a five-part series helping you to create, launch, and sell your high-level group coaching program. I am sharing the exact five-step process that I used to ditch the one to one model in my own coaching business and to earn $11,964 in just five days.

Today, I am going to talk about step #3, how to package your program. Even if you have not quite figured everything out, cheer up because I am showing you a fun and simple way to bring logic and emotion to a one-page sales letter.

So, jump right in and learn how to effectively package your high-level group coaching program and be on your exciting way to financial and lifestyle freedom!


“Facts tell but stories sell.”

“Take massive, messy action. Your perfect ideal clients honestly won't care as long as you're showing up authentically, and you are coming from a place of service and letting them know that transformation that you can really provide for them. ”


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Show Notes:

(01:19) Episode intro and a quick recap of steps #1 and #2

(03:25) It’s all about packaging your offer

(04:43) Eight core elements to writing a story

(06:53) Think about how you like to consume information

(08:07) Laying out your sales letter

(11:39) Having the ability and freedom to do the things that you highly value while mega boosting your bank account

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