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Group Coaching | Create, Launch & Sell Your High-Ticket Offer in 5 Simple Steps

How To Sell Your First Group Coaching Program

Does the thought of having to sell your high-level group coaching program make your stomach turn or your knees knock?

Read on because, in this post, I’m going to share my six-part sales strategy with you so that you can max out your high-level group coaching program enrollment fast.

This is step five of a five-part series, where I’m helping you create, launch, and sell your high-level group coaching program. This series is the exact strategy I used in my business to ditch the one-on-one coaching model and successfully launch my high-level group coaching program in less than five days earning just under $12,000.

If you missed the first four steps of the five episodes, I highly suggest going back and have a read. Over there, you’ll discover:

Step five is all about sales and what you need precisely to pitch your high-level group coaching program successfully, and to fill up those enrollment sits fast.

While I’m a huge fan of leveraging online intelligent marketing sales strategies to automate things, it’s essential to connect with your prospective client when you’re first starting.

One of my sales tips and tricks is that I didn’t leverage the online space to launch my program in five days. I did it the old fashion way. I picked up the phone and made some calls.

Think about who you can be calling and do the same. When you’re on those calls, exercise not only the six sales strategies I’m teaching here, but for the first initial touchpoint, I want you to use the quiet method.

Ask open-ended questions, understand their problem, investigate and identify some of their core objectives, and then empathize with them to let them know that you know what they’re going through.

The six steps in sales strategies

I love to give credit where credit is due. I originally learned this from Tony Robbins in his business Mastery Class.

Identify and Connect

When you’re on a call with your prospective client, you need to spend the first 40% of the call asking those open-ended questions leveraging the quiet method, and understanding the client’s needs, desires and objectives.

This is your opportunity to not make it about you, but to enthusiastically get the prospective client to say all out loud, “Me too, Yes, me too.” This is your time frame to connect with them on a deeper level.

Provide Logic

This is the perfect time to give your prospective clients facts or statistics, taking them through a quick overview of the transformation experience they will have with you inside your group coaching program. Keep this short, maybe 10% of your call.

Provide some logic for them and let them know why it would be logically a good idea to learn more about your program and ultimately enroll.

Attack and Confront

Just like any good game, we know that the defense wins. Your sales strategy has to be the same. You need to have a defense. Get in front of the objectives.

Your prospective clients may have two main objectives: they don’t have time or don’t have enough money to invest right now. Prepare your sales pitch in such a way that you’re the first person to bring up those objectives. Don’t wait for them to say it.

This will put you in a power position, and when it comes time to ask them if they have any other questions, most likely, they will say no because you attacked and confronted them head-on.

Push The Pain

Push on that pain a little bit. Remind them why they set up this recovery call in the first place. Maybe something is not going right in their marriage, finances, business, or health, and they are either completely ignoring the signs and symptoms, or perhaps they figured out a way to deal with it on a high level.

Position The Solution

This is your opportunity to lift the bandage off and remind them of the open wound they have, and you’re going to be the person who can help heal them by then presenting your solution in your high-level group coaching program.

Ask For The Sale

Collect the payment, have them sign the contract, and celebrate with your victory dance.


It’s time to get in motion; it’s your turn to take some massive action to create, launch, and sell your high-level group coaching program. Start putting together your prospective list. Create a simple handwritten sheet with a name and phone number, make those calls, and share this opportunity with them.

Time Notes:

00:00 Episode intro - 5th video of the 5 part video series - The 6-step process to closing more sales fast

01:57 Connecting with your prospective clients

03:19 Asking open-ended questions and the quite method

04:10 Providing logic for your clients

05:07 Defense wins

05:57 Push on the pain

07:12 Ask for the sale

07:45 Showing up to be of service

08:34 Asking enough people to hit your target

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