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7 Passive Income Ideas - BEST WAYS to Make Passive Income As An Online Educator

You’ve been thinking about turning your expertise into passive income streams that can serve your clients, save you from repeatings yourself 50x a day AND make you money on automatic, but you’re not sure where to start.

In this episode, you’ll discover 7 passive income ideas that you can start today with $0.

I’m sharing with you the BEST WAYS to make passive income as an online educator.

These passive income ideas are something that I have already built and /or I’m currently building in my own life as an online educator to help my family get one step closer to financial independence.

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Webinars (Pre-recorded)

A webinar is an engaging online event where a speaker, or small group of speakers, delivers a presentation to a large audience who participates by submitting questions.

Like all passive income streams, they take some upfront work to get started.

For the first few teaching rounds of your webinar, I recommend that you teach it live to ensure that you answer all of the questions of your ideal audience members.

You can build a supplemental slide deck from one of your pre-installed computer applications or use the free version of

To deliver your presentation, there are many webinar hosting options available. Many of which are quite the investment. I recommend starting with the free version of Zoom or going LIVE in the Facebook community.