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Increase Your Visibility + Website Traffic with Podcast Guesting

Increase Your Visibility + Website Traffic with Podcast Guesting

The ultimate guide to becoming a guest on someone’s podcast

Curious to know what it takes to Increase Your Visibility + Website Traffic with Podcast Guesting? If so, then this episode is for you.

Molly Ann Luna sits down with visibility vixen Michelle Lewis, who shares her proven Hollywood techniques to help you and your brand get seen. Watch now! And discover how to get more website traffic FAST!

Podcasting is a powerful (and free) marketing strategy to help you mega-boost your brand authority.

In fact it's my super-secret (top of marketing sale funnel technique) that has recently landed me an $81,000 contract. (Yes, you read that right).

Not only has podcasts become hugely popular in the last decade, with over 75 million listeners tuning in each day in the U.S. alone.

It's also one of my favorite media outlets because all you need is a smartphone, a headset, and something to say.

And after roughly a 20-60 minute interview, your voice is published straight to the ears of millions. How incredible is that?!

Guest podcasting helps you gain more exposure and quickly build the know, like trust factor with your prospective clients because you are literally in their ear, educating and inspiring them to strive for more.

Here are a few reasons why I think you should consider putting guest podcasting in your marketing mix:

  • You'll reach an entirely new and engaged audience.

  • You can quickly and easily build trust.

  • No fancy or expensive equipment necessary (bonus!)

  • No hair or make-up required to show up for the interview (double bonus!)

  • Once published, you can easily repurpose the interview for marketing material across other platforms for years and years to come.

  • New prospect clients joining your email list (aka potential money in the bank)

How To Get Booked As A Guest

A client of mine recently asked, "How do you know who will have you on their show?"

The short answer.

You won't know if you don't ask.

Popular podcasts receive many pitches, so your pitch MUST stand out amongst the rest to receive a prompt response from the podcast producer.

Ways in which you can become a podcast guest:

  1. You can reach out to the podcast producer directly

  2. The podcast producer invites you to join the show

  3. A third party podcast platform connects you and the podcast producer directly

Reach out to podcast producers.

I'm a massive fan of taking matters into your own hands and being the one to create an opportunity for yourself.

I suggest that you get started by researching shows you'd love to appear on and put together a well-polished podcast pitch.

Before you begin searching for a podcast to guest post on, make sure you're crystal clear on who you're trying to reach with your message and what problem you wish to help them solve.

Then craft your pitch.

Be sure that each pitch you write is uniquely written for each podcast producer. Don't just send a canned email with a link to your podcast pdf; actually, listen to a few episodes of the show you're pitching and add specific details as to why you love that show and how you can provide value to their audience.

Remember: make it about what they'll gain, not you.

Your email pitch campaign should be short with a few paragraphs with enough information for your hosts to determine if you're a good fit.

Write a few sentences about who you are, your topic idea, key bullet points you'll share, and your credentials. Say what you'd like to discuss on the show and explain what value you can bring to their audience.

Bonus points if you craft an SEO friendly title and provide pre-written questions that the host can ask you in your podcast pdf pitch deck with a high-resolution headshot. The more comfortable you can do it on the production team, the more likely you'll be selected as a guest on their show.

To help you craft the perfect pitch and gain visibility quickly, GET THE PODCAST PITCH KIT.

Find A "Media Doppelgänger."

What's a media doppelgänger, you ask? Great questions!

It's someone who has similar expertise as you and a more extensive PR exposure whom you'd like to emulate. *note that I did NOT say copy

For example, you're a personal trainer who helps postpartum mamas get their pre-baby body back.

Head to Google and search for other well-known pros in your arena of expertise. Go to their media page on their website (if they have one) to see which podcasts they've previously been published.

If they haven't listed their appearance on their website, you can type [their name + "podcast"] into the search bar on Google, iTunes, Stitcher, or the like to find where they've been featured.

After you've researched your doppelganget's press past, please search for the show producers' contact information and send them a personalized message.

Stay Organized

Organize your show leads by creating a podcast outreach spreadsheet that will help you track which podcast has responded to you and who have said yes or no to having you as their guest.

Your spreadsheet will include details like:

  • Podcast name

  • Podcast topic

  • Podcast website

  • Host contact info

  • Record of pitches sent

  • Record of received responses

  • A section of follow-ups

Better yet, invest only $27 and GET THE PODCAST PITCH KIT, which includes both a pre-made Google spreadsheet and Trello board to help keep you or your VA organized.

The podcast reaches out to you.

The more podcast guesting you do, the more likely other shows will invite you to collaborate.

But let's say, for example, that you're a newbie, and this is your first go at getting booked? How might you get a podcast producer to reach out to you?

Here are a few simple ways to encourage podcast producers to reach out to you:

Ask your circle of influence, ask those closest to you if they know of any podcast producers seeking guests, and let them know that you're interested in being considered a contributor.

Join podcast 'pods' (i.e. Facebook groups). Keep your eye on producers who say that they're looking for guests to feature on their show.

Introduce yourself to the community and let the co-creators in the group to which you can bring value.

Show your interest in being a guest by liking, subscribing, and leaving regular thoughtful and relevant comments that add value under their show notes or social posts.

Create high-value content that brings massive value to their audience; doing so will increase your chances of being a guest when you reference it on a podcast.

Connection by a third party platform

The third strategy involves guests and podcasts, connecting through a third-party platform. For a fee, a third-party organization will connect you with opportunities.

Here's my go-to pick for helping you get connected with other podcast hosts.

In conclusion, becoming a podcast guest is a smart marketing (and did I mention FREE) strategy to help you build credibility. Not only will you refine your brand's message as you go and be exposed to new prospective clients, but you'll also be creating opportunities to turn your guest podcast interview into evergreen money generating machine.

For more clarity on how to do this, link to the video linked above and watch the interview, I did with Visibility Vixen, Michelle Lewis.

Then do be sure to drop a comment below letting us know what your biggest takeaway was. I can't wait to see what you have to say.

Time Notes:

00:00 Episode intro

00:37 Introduction of Michelle Lewis

01:11 Landing more press for your brand with Hollywood techniques

02:26 Why guest podcasting is a smart move

04:57 When to start prioritizing on getting the word out about your business

05:34 Things you need to have in place before starting podcast guesting

07:02 Do not pay to play

08:02 What a pitching process looks like

10:46 Monetizing your guest podcasting experience

12:35 Michelle’s background in Hollywood and how she started her business in Visibility Vixen

14:42 The Podcast Pitch Kit

16:16 Strategy for following-up

18:02 Helpful tips for on-cam interviews and audio quality

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