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Are you ready to bust through barriers and get other people eager and excited to want to help you build out your vision? If so, hang tight because you will discover precisely what it takes to not only become an influential leader but also successfully convert prospects and get paying clients? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Discover my 5 go-to strategies to becoming a LEGENDARY LEADER

Strategy #1 Decide - The first thing you have to do to become an influential leader is to decide.

Now, I know that sounds overly simple, but hear me out. Okay. When it comes to being a legacy leader, what that means is that you have the power, first and foremost, within your mind to influence your thoughts, which then send to your feelings, which result in your actions, and your compounded steps lead to habits.

And those habits lead to results.

If there's something in your life that you want to change, it's not enough to say I want more money or want more love, or I want more influence, or I want more clients. It has to first come deep from within, into the inner workings of your mind, through the power of decision.

Now, the word decide itself means to cut off, meaning that once you have chosen, there is no wavering in your mind; this means that you will do whatever it takes to have, do, or be that thing that you desire for.

Much of the decision regarding your prospects or potential followers, the reason they are going to decide to want to follow you and allow you to take the lead comes down to the 80/20 rule.

80% is why, why YOU, why should we follow you?

And 20% then is the, how, how do we follow you?

The tactics, the strategies now, before someone else can understand why they should follow you, you have to first decide within yourself why you want to be an influential leader and why you should be someone to be followed.

Now, when it comes to making that decision, look at it from both ways.

  1. What are some of the external reasons you want more money in the bank account? Maybe it’s because...

  • You want to build a thriving online business with multiple streams of passive income.

  • You want to positively impact your family, your community, or your clients.

  • You want to create lasting generational wealth

All external reasons, all things that are outside of you essential, but not the most important.

If you genuinely can decide within yourself and become the influential leader, first and foremost, in your own life, with your thoughts, feelings, actions, habits, and results.

Then, you can take back your power and build out that business that you want to build up, that bank account that you want to build out, that family, community, and interconnections that you wish to.

You need to do some of the inner work and understand the internal, why or the intrinsic, why?

Tell me in the comments below..

“Why do YOU want to become an influential leader?”

In an upcoming episode, we'll worry about the HOW, but remember 80% of why people would follow you or why people would buy from you if you know why they would, you have to know first; it's the first rule of sales.

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Strategy #2 - Skill Up

In order to become a legendary leader you need to be the type of person who isn’t afraid to skill up and who chooses to major in major things.

When you STEP UP and become your boss in the online space, you need a lot of skills. But it’s important to know which skills to focus on and which ones to delegate. Doing so will push the needle forward in your life and business.

A legacy leader, a truly influential leader, is someone who permits himself to say, I don't know what I don't know, but I'm willing to learn. A legacy leader is someone who is a scholar who asks powerful questions and who isn’t afraid to seek the answer.

Tell me in the comments below...

What is one skill that you feel like if you were able to master it would double or triple your results, whether that's in life, in business, or your bank account?

Maybe it's improving your sales? Your marketing strategy? Your ability to lead?

If it’s leadership that you wish to strengthen then get instant access to The Legacy Leader’s S.O.P. program right now!

Strategy #3 Integrate - The most successful people in life in business are congruent, who can incorporate their thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and habits into achieving the result they desire.

Don't just be a hearer of the story, be someone willing to do the work recognize, first and foremost, what your inner mental game is. Suppose you're having a lot of negative, self-talk and a lot of negative chatter.

Start doing some inner exercises, whether speaking to a therapist or with your business coach, to get that right and tight first and foremost because if you're not congruent with what it is, you think what it is.

You're speaking, the actions you're taking. You won't get the results you want. So you can't just say, I want more sales or I want more clients. First and foremost, you have to fully believe that what you're offering, the service you were providing will make a difference.

And all of those beliefs first start inside of your mind.

When you can come from the right place of service in your mind, first, it's going to transfer across your sales presentations and your form of communication.

It will then eventually transpire into those things you want: more clients and more money in the bank account strategy.

Strategy #4 Achieve Mastery - “Repeat after me; repetition is the mother of mastery.”

Begin to think like a pro. Amateurs do what feels good in the moment. Pros do what's necessary.

Be someone who isn't afraid to put in the hard work upfront first, so that you can then sit back and become second nature. And you can welcome the abundance into your life.

Understand that no matter who you are or how old you are, just about everything in life is learnable.

The 4-Phases of Learning:

The first phase of learning is the unconscious incompetence. This is when you don't know what you don't know.

The second phase is conscious incompetence. Meaning now you know that it exists, but you're still not able to do it.

Level three is conscious competence, meaning, you know, it exists, and you're kind of able to do it, or you're able to do it proficient enough.

And finally, there's unconscious competence, which is that level of mastery. And that is what you want to strive for essential things.

Remember that part major in crucial things, skill up in essential items, and then delegate the rest. Even if you cannot do something right now, permit yourself to understand that it's okay, that you one, you don't know what you don't know.

And then two, if you do know it and you're still not, not proficient in it, that's okay, too learning as a part of the process, there is not an age cap on your ability to learn.

If you choose to permit yourself to figure it out, you can get there. You can get to level three and level four quickly.

The willingness to overcome is what a legacy leader is all about, someone who is at least willing to get to that level of mastery so that they can radically transform their life, their business, and their bank account strategy.

Strategy #5 Recruit Reinforcements

To become an influential leader is to recruit reinforcements. That means surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people or hiring a coach, whatever you need to be able to fill your mind with positive aspects so that you can again become an influential leader first in your own life.

And once you have that congruency and it's integrated, it will reverberate out and attract those you feel called to serve.

Now, if you're ready to become a legacy leader, go ahead and check out—my link here to access The Legacy Leader SOP.

We'd love to have you join us inside our community of like-minded leaders who are ready to take their lives and business to the next level.

Know that a real legacy, a leader, and a genuine individual can convert prospects into paying clients successfully be done through your ability to evoke emotion within yourself and then transfer that feeling across to others. And it is a skill, a learnable skill.


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