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How To Increase Your Influence As A Leader

Tell me, how hard would you be willing to work if you knew that mastering ONE skill would exponentially positively transform your life or business?

If you're ready to 2x 5x or 10x your results, then hang tight because, in this week's episode of the Online Business Clinic, you'll discover five success strategies that you can use right now to create lifestyle and financial freedom. Aka builds True Wealth.

Influential Leadership

Think of one influential standout leader that you look to regularly. Then ask yourself, 'what characteristics or qualities do they have that make them so magnetic?'

Now shift gears, and think of someone in your life that you do NOT look up to; perhaps this individual is always sick, or they're financially broke or pessimistic, and you don't enjoy being around them.

And ask yourself, what is the one core difference between these two individuals?

Hint, it's not their money, their power, their status. It's not their home, their car.

It's their personal belief about who they are.

That is the difference between someone who is, have not.

The influencers you admire most likely have a strong sense of self-love and a sense of certainty about who they are and what they want from life.

Any person in this world can have, do or be whatever it is they desire, but it first starts with their ability to believe in themselves.

And when you can believe in yourself, you will then develop the solutions and strategies to go after or connect with the right people to help you get those things you desire.

If you're truly striving to increase your ability to influence others, to become an influential leader in life in business, it first starts by looking within.

Want help building self-confidence?


How to motivate others?

The simple answer. Understand their why.

Our human nature is to take action to either increase our pleasure or to avoid pain.

If you want to influence others, follow you, buy your program, or invest in your services, you must first be influenced.

You must first be moved before you can motivate. You must know your own intrinsic why for wanting to have, do, or be something more.

The more you study yourself, the better you'll understand others.

From an early age, we are taught, "if I do THIS, THEN I'll get ..."

Your prospective buyers, followers, clients, or community members are no different.

If I do this, then I'll get this result.

To successfully motivate others, you must be able to paint the picture of a possibility for them. The better the picture you can paint, the more likely they will want to take that journey with you now; how do we convince them that you're someone worth following? Well, here are my five power moves.

What are Global beliefs?

Global beliefs are generalizations we make about things, circumstances, and people.

Our brains need category 'buckets' for information to fit in.

On an individual level, we make generalizations and assumptions about ourselves using words like..."I, I am, is, are, etc."

I am strong.

Money is God in motion.

Geting new clients is easy and fun.

These core identifiers that we use to frame our perception of reality.

It doesn't matter who you are, what age you are, where in the world you are tuning in from; you have global beliefs.

And when you can first understand your beliefs, you will more likely be able to understand others.

When you're in a conversation with a prospect and share something like...

"I believe that all coaches are full of crap."

As a coach your knee-jerk reaction would be to disagree with them.

But if you want to influence them, you must agree with them first.

NOTE: I'm not saying that you abandon your belief.

If your global belief is that coaches are fantastic and necessary to help one take their life and business to the next level.

You identify that the word "coach" is a negative trigger in their mind. Please don't waste your time trying to change theirs. Instead, agree with them that you believe that they believe "coaches are full of crap." Then follow it up with your truth.

You could say along the lines of, "I agree that you believe most coaches are full of crap, but actually, I don't fully identify as a coach. I see myself as a life and business success strategist. I'm not about fluffing you up or motivating you to take action. I'm all about giving you proven step-by-step strategies to get you from where you are to where you want to go."

Know what it is you believe in, and stick by it. But also be willing to accept your prospect where they are and then influence them through the power of positive persuasion. Not by fighting against what your prospect new client believes but rather by reenforcing what it is they desire.

For me, Molly Ann, I'm all about helping you build true wealth. Online learning is a soon-to-be $325 billion industry. Together we figure out what your monetizable expertise is. Then I teach you how to get paid to leverage online by creating a high-level group coaching program and self-published book so that you can build towards creating lifestyle and financial freedom.

How to 10x your worth

To be an influential leader, you MUST know your worth.

It's not enough to know what you're financial worth. Your paycheck does NOT determine your worth.

Knowing how much you earned at your corporate gig last year is great, but it doesn't define who you are or what you're capable of offering.

Instead, a sense of certainty is critical.

Be certain about yourself. Be certain about your ability to lead. Be certain about your ability to create value. That certainty will transfer to others, and they will be more likely to want to buy into your product, service or idea.

But again, this power move starts from within.

How To Get People To Buy

To get more people to buy, you must understand their perspective.

We don't just buy into something because we think it'll benefit us as the I, as the individual.

Before we buy, we think about other people.

We internally ask ourselves:

How will this purchase benefit me?

How will this purchase affect others?

What will people think of me if I say yes to this offer?

When you can understand that most people think like this, we don't just think of ourselves but also what others believe.

Then you want to make sure that whatever you're trying to influence another person to buy your product, buy your service, buy into your idea, think about how it will affect their perception for themselves. And more importantly, for their inner circle.

The better the picture of possibility you can paint, the more likely you'll influence them to take action.

How To Get Someone To Take Action

When you are trying to influence someone to take action, you can increase your influence by adding an element of scarcity. Give them a reason as to why they should take action NOW.

If there limited seats available or a number of items to be sold? Will the price go up? Is a bonus element going away?

FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. It's in our nature to not want to miss out.

What is it that might compel them to act now?

Authentically give them a reason as to why NOW is the time to say yes.

How To Take Your Influence To The Next Level

Iron sharpens iron. If you want to take your influence to the next level you must surround yourself with like-minded people striving to achieve more in life and business.

Become a Legacy Leader.

A legacy leader is someone willing to do the inner work to experience the lifestyle and financial freedom.

Legacy Leaders are heart-centered, freedom-focused individuals who sincerely desire to break through generational paradigms to live and leave a legacy and financial gain to their future generations to come.

They are doing it for their families, for their future generations to come because building an empire on your own is not as rewarding as you might think, but when you can create something that can be passed down to our children and children's children.

What's The Fastest Way To Failure

#1 Not knowing what it is you want from life.

#2 Holding onto limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving more.

3# Your inability to make decisions and manage your physical, mental and emotional state.

What Does Living & Leaving A Legacy Mean To You?

Tell us in the comments below if you had a proven step-by-step strategy that enabled you to become a master of your mind; what type of legacy would you like to leave?

How Do I Become A Legacy Leader?

Click here: and get instant lifetime access to our heart-centered, freedom focused community.

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