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7-Steps To Create an ONLINE GROUP COACHING PROGRAM for Your Health & Wellness Business

If you’re ready to amplify your income and STOP trading time for money, learning how to create an online group coaching program for your health & wellness business should be at the top of your to-do list!

In this post, I’ll be teaching you all about my simple seven-step process for starting a group coaching course, which is the exact strategy I teach my Income Amplifiers inside of Legacy Leaders Academy.

If we haven’t met, I’m Molly Ann Luna, a life and business success strategist who helps coaches, consultants, and corporate escapees dip their toes in the $325 million industry of online learning. I'm all about helping you leverage your expertise online through high-level group coaching and self-publishing books so that you too can create an evergreen money-generating machine.

Starting an online coaching business is exactly what’s allowed me to have both lifestyle AND financial freedom. Since kicking corporate to the curb, I've not only been able to double my annual revenue but now I'm able to spend my time as I please at home with my two kiddos to be around for the moments that matter most.

And I SO want that for you, too. So let’s get into the seven steps that will help you create your online group coaching program for your health and wellness business so that you too can start building true wealth and financial freedom!

Step 1: Identify the Core Problem

The very first step before you do ANYTHING else is deciding on the problem you will solve for your ideal client. This can be a problem you’ve solved for yourself, or for others. Knowing the exact problem you’ll solve for your perfect client is the foundation for creating a successful group program for your health and wellness busines