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7-Steps To Create an ONLINE GROUP COACHING PROGRAM for Your Health & Wellness Business

If you’re ready to amplify your income and STOP trading time for money, learning how to create an online group coaching program for your health & wellness business should be at the top of your to-do list!

In this post, I’ll be teaching you all about my simple seven-step process for starting a group coaching course, which is the exact strategy I teach my Income Amplifiers inside of Legacy Leaders Academy.

If we haven’t met, I’m Molly Ann Luna, a life and business success strategist who helps coaches, consultants, and corporate escapees dip their toes in the $325 million industry of online learning. I'm all about helping you leverage your expertise online through high-level group coaching and self-publishing books so that you too can create an evergreen money-generating machine.

Starting an online coaching business is exactly what’s allowed me to have both lifestyle AND financial freedom. Since kicking corporate to the curb, I've not only been able to double my annual revenue but now I'm able to spend my time as I please at home with my two kiddos to be around for the moments that matter most.

And I SO want that for you, too. So let’s get into the seven steps that will help you create your online group coaching program for your health and wellness business so that you too can start building true wealth and financial freedom!

Step 1: Identify the Core Problem

The very first step before you do ANYTHING else is deciding on the problem you will solve for your ideal client. This can be a problem you’ve solved for yourself, or for others. Knowing the exact problem you’ll solve for your perfect client is the foundation for creating a successful group program for your health and wellness business.

Get crystal clear on the transformation. What is going to take them from their struggling, frustrated, zero state into their thriving, exuberant hero state?

A perfect example of someone who did this step incredibly well is one of my beloved Income Amplifiers. She was a corporate executive who one day decided she simply didn’t want to work the nine-to-five gig anymore. Once she had her son, she decided to Pivot into Online Profits and to start her holistic health coaching company.

Right from the start, she knew that working with clients 1-1 wasn't going to serve her and her desired lifestyle. She got straight to work on developing her high-level group coaching program. It took her a bit of time and digging, but she finally got *super* clear on exactly who she was meant to serve and how she was going to serve them.

During this phase of creating her group coaching program, she reflected back and realized that one of the core problems she’d struggled with in her life was fertility. It wasn’t until she turned to holistic health that her beautiful baby boy came into the world!

She decided she wanted nothing more than to focus on helping mamas get into their most optimal state of health so that they can conceive with ease and start the family of their dreams. Her niche has proven successful, and her business has totally taken off!

Remember the saying: the riches are in the niches. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, I’m sure you want to help anyone and everyone, but in order to truly amplify your income and impact online, you must identify the one core problem you solve for that one perfect client.

Step 2: State the promise

The second step for how to create an online group coaching program for your health & wellness business is to state your promise.

I want you to create what I refer to as your power promise. A power promise is a compelling one-liner that clearly defines who it is you serve and the transformation you provide them with.

A simple formula to create your own power promise goes a little something like this.

“I help [target market] go from [starting pain point or need] to [end point or goal] by [your solution].”

I encourage you to get out a pen and paper and start working on your OWN power promise! I’ll give you mine as an example to help get you started:

I help health and wellness professionals go from best-kept secrets to legendary online leaders using my unique system to leverage their expertise, turn it into an online coaching program and then convert it into a self-publish book so that they can create an evergreen money-generating machine that amplifies their income and impact.

Put together your one-liner that clearly defines who you're trying to serve, and how you will help them to help attract clients to your online group coaching program.

Step 3: Outline Your Process

In step three, we want to be able to show our ideal clients how we can take them from point A to point B. Remember, it’s all about the transformation and taking them from their zero state (experiencing their current struggles and pain) into their hero state (feeling exuberant having achieved their dreams and desires!)

Picture you and your ideal client hiking up a mountain, and you are their guide. Before you start your route, you're going to have a map of checkpoints you have to hit in order to make sure you reach the peak of the mountain. These checkpoints are the steps of your process that allow your client to reach THEIR destination, goals, and desires.

Now, I’m not asking you to build out your full-blown course. But you DO want to have a rough idea of the journey you’re taking your ideal client on. Outline the process and create a series of bullet points you must hit in order to get your prospective client from zero to hero.

Having a clear, defined process helps reinforce to your ideal client that you are, in fact, the go-to expert. It shows them you've been down this path before and you know how to successfully lead them to their destination.

Step 4: Package Your Offer

Once you’ve got your process together, I want you to put together a simple, but beautiful PDF. We don’t need to get fancy here!

You may look at my website and my funnels and think you need all the bells and whistles, but trust me...I didn’t start out like that! When I first launched my very first high-level group coaching program, I started out with nothing more than Gmail, my cell phone, and a one page PDF that I designed with a free tool called Canva.

The incredible thing about Canva is that you don’t need to be a techie or a professional graphic designer to create beautiful documents or images. Their platform is beginner-friendly and free, too! All you really need is a simple 1-page PDF to pre-sell your program to prospects.

The important thing to note with packaging your offer is that you don’t need to build out your entire online group coaching course. We’re just getting the core facets together to pre-sell your offer. The goal here is to create what I like to call a PIP: prove it’s profitable!

Step 5: Set the perfect price

When it comes to setting the perfect price for your online group coaching program, there are a few different ways to do this. For a more detailed analysis, be sure to check out this post on pricing your group coaching program.

A quick rule of thumb when you're just starting out is to set a price that you feel comfortable with, and that matches the value you’re delivering to your customers.

For me personally, when I ran my first group program, I picked a price that I’d paid before myself for coaching. I’d pulled out my debit card and had experience paying at that price point, and I knew my work offered the same value and level of transformation.

When you pick a price you feel truly comfortable with, you avoid running into any mental money blocks. If you pick a price that pushes you too far out of your comfort zone, you might not have the same confidence selling it. Remember: this is just to get your idea going, to get some cash flowing, and to get your PIP (prove it’s profitable!) off the ground.

When I ran my first program, I priced it lower than I normally would as I was still figuring everything out. This created a win-win - I was able to test and get feedback, and my clients were over-the-moon happy about how much value they were getting at the low rate I was charging. And I want that for you too! Remember, as you gain experience and prove the transformation you provide, you can always up your price.

Step 6: Establish Your Platform

Let’s be real: tech can get really hairy. If you’re NOT a tech person (much like I wasn’t when I first started out!), do not let this stress you out or stop you from launching your online group coaching program.

I promise you - it’s possible to provide high-quality coaching with just a few simple, free tools!

When I first got started, I just used my phone. I signed up for a free 1-800 conference line, and had my clients call into that line to talk to them over the phone. Eventually, I progressed it into leveraging other online free tools, such as Facebook groups. Now, what I teach for course tech inside my Income Amplifiers program is a little more robust, but trust me, you don’t need it to be fancy to get started!

At this stage we’re still working to prove it’s profitable, so don’t get too hung up on tech or what platform you’ll be using. Just choose whatever you feel most comfortable with: whether that’s a Facebook group, a video conference call, or even just email (yes, it is possible to deliver high-value coaching through email!).

Today, my Income Amplifier is housed in Thinkific, and I’m using software like Webinar Jam for funneling clients into my Legacy Academy. If you want to learn more about what sort of tools I use, love, and recommend, you can check out my tools list here.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by choices, however, commit to being an action taker and just CHOOSE one so that you can get started and create an online group coaching program for your health & wellness business!

Step 7: Pre-sell

The last and final step in how to create an online group coaching program for your health & wellness business is to pre-sell your offer.

Promise me this: do not spend your time, energy, money, blood sweat, and tears into creating a robust program without first having paid clients.

I don’t want you to make the mistake I did when I first got started as an online course creator. I spent MONTHS putting together what I thought to be an incredible course. I was SO excited for it, and was sure of the transformation it would provide - after all, it had completely changed my life!

But you want to know what happened when I actually went out and launched the thing? NOBODY bought it. Not a single soul.

My launch was a big fat zero.


Because I’d created the program that I wanted rather than listening to my target customers.

So instead of thinking of your idea and putting hours and hours of work into it, I want you to pre-sell your course and enroll beta clients into it who will actually help you build and shape your program.

Don’t think this will make you look unprofessional. Your clients will be excited to help you and be a part of your course creation journey! Be honest with your clients that this is a Beta launch and let them know that to join at the current price you’ll require some of their input and feedback.

I go into deeper detail on exactly how to create an online group coaching program for your health & wellness business in my free Masterclass, Pivot into Online Profits.

If you want expert guidance and strategy on how to launch your group coaching program the RIGHT way (without putting in a ton of upfront cash, having a massive email list or online following, or being a techie!), join us for free in the Pivot Into Online Profits Masterclass.

Sign up For the Pivot to Profit Masterclass Here

How To create an ONLINE group coaching program for your health & wellness business
How To create an ONLINE group coaching program for your health & wellness business

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