Why You Should PRE-SELL Your Coaching Program BEFORE You Build It

You’ve been thinking about creating an online course that can eventually be set up on automatic and generate passive income for years to come.

I am SO happy for you.👏

If starting an online course is something you’re ready to do, you might be worried about pouring your heart and soul into creating this program, without proof that it will actually sell.

I hear you! Creating a course is time-consuming and if it doesn’t sell, it can be devastating. (Trust me, I’ve been there!)

Today, I want to share with you why you should PRE-SELL your group coaching program BEFORE you build it.

Not only that, but I’ll also be walking you through my proven eight-step process to ensure that you set yourself up for sales success.

If you’ve been looking to learn about building a profitable online coaching business, you’re in the right place! I’m Molly Ann Luna, your life and business success coach. My mission is to help coaches, consultants, and wannabe corporate escapees pivot into online profits. I guide my clients through the process of joining this soon to be 325 million dollar online learning industry by creating, launching, and selling their high-level group coaching program.

Did I say selling? I meant PRE-selling, because like I said, today is all about why you should PRE-SELL your group coaching program BEFORE you build it!

Pre-selling proves that it’s profitable

Here’s the thing.

You might have what you think is the most EXCITING idea on the planet for your high-level group coaching program.

But - unless you pre-sell your program, you risk pouring time, energy, money, research, blood, sweat, and tears into this idea, only to take it to market and get ZERO sales. (Yep...it happens!)

Pre-selling your course will validate that your idea is something that your ideal clients are willing and excited to invest in.

You’ve got to have proof that there is a market for this idea before you get started on the creation process.

And like I mentioned earlier, I (unfortunately) learned this the hard way.

When I first started my online coaching business I made this mistake, so you don’t have to.

At the time, I felt SO ready to launch my online coaching program. I was super clear on what problem I wanted to help people solve. My goal was to help young women feel confident and be fully in love with who they are.

After all, this was the problem I had solved in my own life. How hard could it be to solve for others, right?

After years of research and hard work, I was finally ready to build a digital course. 🎉

I put my all into it. I spent months crafting the perfect course curriculum, shooting and editing videos, and most importantly getting deeply invested in the high-level group coaching program I wanted to offer my community.

And shoutout to my younger self because that course was absolutely a transformational product.

The only problem? Because I didn’t have proof that it was a profitable idea BEFORE I built it, I walked away with ZERO sales.

Yep, zero.

I was crushed!

I’m honestly lucky that this experience didn’t turn me away from group coaching programs for good because at the time I was devastated.

Friends, I do not want this to happen to you. People are absolutely searching for your particular expertise and you deserve to make a profit from it.

This is why you MUST consider pre-selling your high-level group coaching program. You need to prove that it’s possible before you build it.

Pre-selling lets you co-create

We’ve already gone over how pre-selling can help you avoid making zero sales on a course you’ve poured endless resources into, but it also allows you to co-create your program with your ideal clients.

If you’re thinking, “Ok, I know I’m supposed to pre-sell my course, but aren’t I supposed to pre-plan my entire course too?”

Pre-sell? Yes.

Pre-plan? Kind of👇

Of course, you need to bring in all your research, expertise, and excellent facilitation skills, but by no means do you need to have every minute of your program planned out before meeting with your clients.

When you’re using the cohort model for your high-level group coaching program, you get to build the course as you go based on the needs and desires of your particular group.

The novelty of being able to co-create your signature program alongside you will be so exciting for your