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9 Questions You MUST Answer To Get To YES [Sales Coaching For Coaches]

Well done, you’ve found a prospect for your coaching service or program. Knowing that humans are both logical and emotional decision-makers, what info do you need to share with them in order for them to get to YES “I want to do business with you!”

Here, you’ll discover the 9 questions you MUST ask your prospect in order to get them to say YES to your offer.

This is sales coaching for coaches and it’s the EXACT process I teach my students inside of the Legacy Leaders Academy.

Question #1 - Why should I listen to you?

Whether you show up at their front door, inbox, social media, and newsfeed or in person- no matter how well they may know you, always remind them why you’re the authority on the subject matter and why they should listen to you.

Explain to your prospective clients your qualifications and strengths. Be specific about the things you highlight. Closely observe the most crucial elements the client needs to succeed and then express how you can help them.

Question #2 - What is it?

Make it clear to your prospect what your offer is and isn’t.

You want to avoid making promises you know you won’t keep.

Outline a clear guide on what the clients should expect. It’s crucial that they know what they are paying for. Stack the value so that they know if it’s right for them.

Question #3 - What’s in it for me?

Avoid talking about features here, instead focus on benefits.

Tell the clients how the coaching experience will ensure resilience, creativity, growth in the business while also giving their business a competitive edge. Assure them that after the coaching they will survive and conquer this environment that changes every time.

Assure your prospective clients know how your offer might save them time, money or a major headache. Also, be sure to highlight what exactly it is they’ll gain.

Question #4 - Who says so other than you?

Provide social proof, share a story or a previous client testimonial.

The last thing anyone wants is to be the first person to try something new.

Show your prospective clients how you’ve previously helped others who had a similar problem.

Doing so will give you a boost of credibility and make it easier for the prospective client to believe that you can help them too.

Question #5 - Why should I act now?

Give your prospect a reason to enroll now by infusing an element of authentic scarcity.

What is it that they will lose out on if they don’t act now? Time? Money? The opportunity to work with you directly? A price increase?

The clients should be convinced that there is no time to waste anymore, they should enroll so that you can help them.

Question #6 - How does it work?

Clearly define how your product, program, or service works exactly.

What are your roles and responsibilities as their guide? What are the roles and responsibilities of the client as the implementor or end-user?

Share the details so that they’re crystal clear on how to get the most out of your offer.

Question #7 - How fast can I get results?

What are the timeline parameters of your offer? If they take action now and get to work immediately how quickly can they expect to see results?

As humans, we want instant gratification, but we’re willing to wait for delayed gratification as long as we know that results are in sight.

So be sure to make it clear to your prospect when they can begin enjoying the benefits of your paid offer.

Question #8 - How can I be sure it’s for me?

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? Perhaps you have a free sample or a zero-cost trial period? If so, share that info now.

Doing so puts any potential fear that might be lingering in the prospect's mind at ease. A guarantee helps to minimize buyer's remorse for the client, builds trust, and makes it easier for them to say yes to your offer.

Question #9 - How do I get started?

Once you’re confident that you’ve fully answered the first 8 questions, no it’s time to move into closing the sales, by actually asking for the order.

What is the NEXT step that they need to take in order to get started on this journey with you today?

Explain to your clients the enrollment process (keep it simple).

How do they make their first payment? Is there a contract that they need to sign?

Tell them what the next step is, then ask them if they’re ready to take it.

Ask for the order.

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