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Do This To Make A 6-Figure Online Course in 5 Days | Molly Ann Luna

Imagine how good it would feel to have sales like this rolling in on automatic for you while you were busy living your life.

Together we can make that a reality for you.

The first thing we must do is create your grand slam offer.

What is a grand slam offer?

A Grand Slam Offer is a marketing term that describes an irresistible offer clients can't say no to.

Using a Grand Slam Offer shortens the time gap between a prospective client discovering you and wanting to pull out their credit cards to do business with you.

Why create a grand slam offer?

Imagine automatically attracting and serving clients worldwide, making passive income, and spending your days as you please.

Being present with my kids and soaking in every milestone moment is a top priority in my life.

And for a while, I was mentally beating myself up for not wanting to own the term SAHM because another part of me sincerely wanted to have a career and remain financially independent.

For years I struggled with my coaching business, jumping from offering one service to the next depending on who crossed my path.

For a season, I'd be a fitness coach, then a life coach, then a spiritual teacher, until I pivoted into helping people with similar values.

Family first, then financial freedom.

I struggled with my new identity as a mom during the first few years of motherhood.

Until I asked myself this question;

"What if I could have both?"

Be a stay-at-home, work-from-home mom who is choosing to homeschool her kids and be able to positively impact thousands of people's lives from across the globe by teaching them how to turn their expertise into automated income.

Now I know that making this dream a reality is possible with focus and effort.

In my corporate America climbing days, I dreamt of the lifestyle and financial freedom I experience today.

It took a lot of self-study and trial and error to get here. Persistence was a critical factor in my success, but do you want to know?

The key to unlocking this level of success?

Create ONE grand slam offer that could sincerely serve many at once.

That and have a trusted guide by your side that can help you fast-track your way to success.

The turning point was realizing that only serving 1-1 client maxed out my time and capped my earning potential.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I had to jump off the hamster wheel to find and serve the client.

I had to be no longer willing to tie up my time with one-off clients alone.

But instead, focus my time and effort on crafting one core offer that would be easy and fun for me to deliver while creating massive value for you students by creating ONE grand slam offer.

Doing so has allowed me to work less than part-time hours, earn a steady six figures annually, and climb.

How do you create a grand slam offer?

There are many different ways to create a Grand Slam Offer, but all of them have the same goal- getting customers to buy now.

If you are (whisper or want to be) a coach, consultant, service-based provider, or a high-ticket educator creating a ONE grand slam offer is your first ticket to freedom.

To clarify, I want to emphasize what a grand slam offer is not.

Too often, my students get stuck in analysis paralysis, putting pressure on themselves to achieve perfection with their offer.

Hear me when I say that we do not create your grand slam offer and then try to sell it; just the opposite.

To know that your offer will be a money-generating success, we must test it with a real-time in-person of the market by pre-selling your offer BEFORE you build it.

And to be sure to allow space for the creation of your offer to be a co-collaborative event with your paying clients.


Because too often, you're too close to your expertise. And while you'll do your absolute best to outline every success step necessary to achieve the optimal outcome. You will inevitably overlook a critical element that your real-time clients going through your curriculum will be able to highlight before you make your program automated.

While a bit more time-consuming initially, this approach leads to more significant sales and automated client success.

To create a $100,000 program in the next few days, we need to consider What products or services you want to include, who exactly you'll want to help, and what is the price you'll offer?

The wargame is how you land your first few paying clients, but first, you need to get clear of the core problem you'll solve and craft your client promise, which I'll show you how in the following video.

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