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GROUP COACHING Where to FIND CLIENTS Without Leaving Your Home (5 proven strategies)

You, my friend, are ready to launch a group coaching program, and you want to work smarter and not harder to get new clients consistently.

That’s the best news I've heard all week!

Genius. ⭐

Having a group coaching program, and new clients for your program will not only amplify your income and impact, but it'll give you lifestyle and financial freedom, which is what I am all about.

So - today I want to give you five proven strategies to help you get new clients for your group coaching program without even having to leave your home.

These are the five strategies for how to find clients online that helped me skyrocket my own online group coaching program.

So without further ado, let's dive in.👇🏼

Strategy # 5: Leverage Social Platforms

Ok, don’t give up on me here.

If you saw that my tip was to leverage social platforms and you’re thinking, “Well DUH Molly-Ann. Isn’t that the most obvious marketing tool on the planet?”

Hear me out.

I am not talking about the social media platforms that YOU love most, but rather the platforms where your clients go to find answers.

When your ideal client has a problem do they head to Facebook groups? Quora? Reddit? Instagram? Twitter? Youtube?

Wherever it is, is where you need to be. ✅

You need to show up, NOT with the mindset to get clients, but with the mindset of showing up to serve.

Because those who serve, deserve.

When you show up to be of greatest service to your ideal clients they are going to want to lean in and find out more about what you do and how they can get involved.

This strategy shows your ideal clients that you are there to give from the heart and not just trying to get, get, get.

I want to give you an example of how this strategy helped my rockstar client, Tara, make 10k within one week of starting to promote her group coaching program.

Tara is a personal trainer who specializes in helping postpartum moms get their pre-baby bodies back.

As a momma herself, she knew that other mommas loved to hang out in Facebook groups and chat.

Mommas LOVE to chat.

So Tara turned to Facebook and she showed up.

Not in a spammy way or a sleazy sales way or in a catfish way.

❌ No ❌

She genuinely showed up and served.

She would write very in-depth, robust answers to these key questions that these mommies had and give her expertise for free from the heart.

And before she knew it word caught on.

Those mommies who LOVE to talk started talking about Tara’s advice and expertise.

That way, when it came time for her to promote her group coaching programs these mommies were eager and ready to say yes to doing business with her.

She had already provided so much value up-front, that they knew they could trust her.

Through the power of leveraging the social media that her ideal clients love, she was able to make 10k within one week of starting to promote her offer.

Tara is a perfect example of how to find clients online using this powerful strategy.

Strategy #4: Leveraging Your Current Circle of Influence

Maybe reading that you’re like, “Ok great, I’ll go ahead and tell everyone I know about my new program. Thanks, Molly-Ann!”

Or maybe you’re like me and you don’t really feel like you have a circle.

🎤 Storytime 🎤: My husband and I decided to relocate to a completely new city right before Covid.

I was SO looking forward to making all kinds of new connections, attending live networking events, and growing a community of friends and colleagues.

Boy, were we wrong.

So a year into it, we STILL haven’t been able to meet our neighbors and community members.

If you feel like your immediate circle is lacking a little, I don’t want you to fear, because this next tip is proven to work for you.

It’s the strategy that has helped me leverage my circle of influence after having moved to a new city in the middle of an isolating moment in time.

I was inspired to use this strategy from the success story of one of my favorite business mentors.

He shares a story about how when he first launched his music production business he was living on the east coast with his mom, he had one single friend and THAT was the extent of his circle.

He then decided to move to LA to start his production company. A completely new city with even fewer connections than he had on the east coast.

One morning he decided to share his dream with his mom.

Here’s where things get crazy.

His mom ended up mentioning his plan to one of her co-workers in passing who happened to be an investor in Hollywood films.

He knew a guy, who knew a guy, who knew a guy who was able to get my mentor his first paid gig working on music production for a major Hollywood film.

And boom - his career took off. 📈

This is a strategy that I’ve used before when I first started my fitness and nutrition business.

My husband and I had just moved to Colorado Springs.

I happened to mention to my neighbor that I was interested in starting this program.

And she goes, “Well that’s perfect because my husband is a lieutenant in the army and he needs help getting into tip-top physical shape so that he can get a promotion.”

So I showed up and served deeply and profoundly, and her husband had amazing results.

My husband was the next person in my circle who was able to help me get more clients.

He was also working in the army at the time and anytime there was a physical fitness test coming up he would send his co-workers my way.

He was able to point to the amazing transformation that my neighbor had and say that I was the woman for the job.

Leveraging your circle of influence, no matter how small, is how to find clients online for your coaching program.

So get out there, just get out of your own way, and just start sharing your dream with others.

Strategy #3: Collaborate With Colleagues

If you’re brand new to this industry thinking, “Colleagues? What colleagues?”

Don’t give up on this strategy. This is how to find clients online and is proven to work without ever having to leave your home.

So there is no need to have a massive network of existing colleagues to call up in order to make this work.

Here’s how this works:

I want you to leverage social media to find other professionals in your industry who serve a similar audience to you - BUT, who are serving them differently.

Reach out to these people and invite them to collaborate with you in a way that will benefit you both.

My favorite way to do this is to invite them to be a guest on my podcast.

I get to interview them about my curiosities and share the spotlight with them.

This helps us both be exposed to a fresh set of eyes who could be interested in doing business.

Starting an interview series whether that’s on youtube or on a podcast is a great way to show up in proximity to an expert, you're not the expert (YET), but interviewing other experts helps build your brand authority.

Through this method, I have met some of my best business pals and built a robust email list.

My email list is ultimately my prospecting list, which is nurtured and then converted into sales.

So just don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

If you’re looking at someone’s profile and thinking, “Oh gosh, they have so many followers they’ll never want to collaborate with me!”

Don’t let that get you down.

Just send the message and ask for the collaboration. The worst thing they could say is, no.

This strategy has helped me make some incredible connections that help build my brand and my business through the power of networking from my bedroom.

Strategy #2: Partner With An Organization

So - partnering with an organization is a little different than collaborating with a colleague, but they are both a powerful strategy to help you get new clients for your group coaching program.

Partnering with an organization means finding an established business that serves the same ideal client - but again, they serve them differently.

The best way to understand this strategy is through a top-notch example like my client Sarah.

She is a health and wellness coach and personal trainer who specializes in helping postoperative spinal injury patients.

After someone has had an injury and they've been through surgery and they've been through physical therapy they might be encouraged to do some personal training to gain some mobility, strength, and maybe better balance. This is when they go see Sara.

When I first met her, Sarah was really struggling to get clients because she served such a specific niche.

What turned things around for her was partnering with organizations.

Here’s what she did:

She drew up a simple and clear brochure that outlined her amazing services and introduced herself to a spine surgeon at an established practice in her area.

She built a relationship with this surgeon who shared with her what physical therapist they were sending all their patients to after surgery.

So - Sarah went ahead and struck up a relationship with this physical therapist. She showed them how she could help their patients on the next step of their recovery journey.

And from there she had referral after referral from clients who needed exactly the type of services Sarah was offering.

So think about what organizations might share an audience with you and take a page out of Sarah’s book and start building that relationship with them.

Strategy #1: Create Evergreen Content

I’ll be honest, this strategy is my personal favorite and it is SUCH a powerful strategy to help you get new clients for your group coaching program. ⭐

It is also the number one game-changing strategy in my business.

If you know me, you know that I love creating youtube videos and this is the perfect example of evergreen content.

Evergreen content means that it can serve your ideal clients for ages and ages after it is posted.

Your content should provide a solid answer to a real problem that your ideal clients are having and this will attract them to your offers.

In my business, I choose to make videos as my evergreen content, and that way I am able to reach you anytime, anywhere for right now and for years to come.

And that is amazing.

Using this method as one of my top-of-funnel marketing strategies is how I’ve built my email list and created a beautiful community of eager subscribers.

By making these evergreen videos I now more than ever have more passive sales for my digital products than ever before.

I know you might be cringing thinking about actually having to sit in front of a camera, but I encourage you to push yourself, face your fears and see how this strategy can transform your business.

Remember, you're not showing up for yourself, you are showing up for your clients.

Think about it this way:

You have a solution for someone’s most pressing problems, so don’t hold that back.

Your ideal clients are looking for YOU.

They want YOUR help and they want YOUR unique way of problem-solving.

So do us all a favor and get out of your own way.

Just get up and go after it. That is how to find clients online for your new coaching business.

Spread the word, send the message, make the connection, show up and show what you can offer.

And remember, so much of business building is a mental game, so continue to strive to master your mind and to live your legacy.

If you are looking for even more ways to start, scale, and skyrocket your new online coaching business then I invite you to save your seat at my upcoming FREE masterclass Pivot Into Online Profits.

See you there!

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