GROUP COACHING Where to FIND CLIENTS Without Leaving Your Home (5 proven strategies)

You, my friend, are ready to launch a group coaching program, and you want to work smarter and not harder to get new clients consistently.

That’s the best news I've heard all week!

Genius. ⭐

Having a group coaching program, and new clients for your program will not only amplify your income and impact, but it'll give you lifestyle and financial freedom, which is what I am all about.

So - today I want to give you five proven strategies to help you get new clients for your group coaching program without even having to leave your home.

These are the five strategies for how to find clients online that helped me skyrocket my own online group coaching program.

So without further ado, let's dive in.👇🏼

Strategy # 5: Leverage Social Platforms

Ok, don’t give up on me here.

If you saw that my tip was to leverage social platforms and you’re thinking, “Well DUH Molly-Ann. Isn’t that the most obvious marketing tool on the planet?”

Hear me out.

I am not talking about the social media platforms that YOU love most, but rather the platforms where your clients go to find answers.

When your ideal client has a problem do they head to Facebook groups? Quora? Reddit? Instagram? Twitter? Youtube?

Wherever it is, is where you need to be. ✅

You need to show up, NOT with the mindset to get clients, but with the mindset of showing up to serve.

Because those who serve, deserve.

When you show up to be of greatest service to your ideal clients they are going to want to lean in and find out more about what you do and how they can get involved.

This strategy shows your ideal clients that you are there to give from the heart and not just trying to get, get, get.

I want to give you an example of how this strategy helped my rockstar client, Tara, make 10k within one week of starting to promote her group coaching program.

Tara is a personal trainer who specializes in helping postpartum moms get their pre-baby bodies back.

As a momma herself, she knew that other mommas loved to hang out in Facebook groups and chat.

Mommas LOVE to chat.

So Tara turned to Facebook and she showed up.

Not in a spammy way or a sleazy sales way or in a catfish way.

❌ No ❌

She genuinely showed up and served.

She would write very in-depth, robust answers to these key questions that these mommies had and give her expertise for free from the heart.

And before she knew it word caught on.

Those mommies who LOVE to talk started talking about Tara’s advice and expertise.

That way, when it came time for her to promote her group coaching programs these mommies were eager and ready to say yes to doing business with her.

She had already provided so much value up-front, that they knew they could trust her.

Through the power of leveraging the social media that her ideal clients love, she was able to make 10k within one week of starting to promote her offer.

Tara is a perfect example of how to find clients online using this powerful strategy.

Strategy #4: Leveraging Your Current Circle of Influence

Maybe reading that you’re like, “Ok great, I’ll go ahead and tell everyone I know about my new program. Thanks, Molly-Ann!”

Or maybe you’re like me and you don’t really feel like you have a circle.

🎤 Storytime 🎤: My husband and I decided to relocate to a completely new city right before Covid.