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Hit 6-Figure In Your Coaching Business This Year Here's How

Welcome to the world of group coaching, my fellow coaching enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level and earn a six-figure income this year? Then you're in the right place!

Attracting new clients to your group coaching program is essential to building a successful coaching business. But, let's face it, it's not always easy to reach new clients. That's why I'm here to share proven strategies with real numbers that will help you attract a steady stream of new clients to your group coaching program and get you one step closer to achieving your 6-figure income goal.

Once I learned the proven strategies and conversation rates to achieve 6-figures I felt liberated in my coaching business. Prior to I’d put an offer out, not get a buyer back and think that there was something wrong with me. When the truth was, I just need to know my numbers and stay the course.

When it comes to attracting new consistent leads to your business there are many different paths you can take to get to your desired destination.

I can only share with you what’s worked for me. And that’s been webinars, workshops, email marketing, and video marketing.

What webinar metrics can I expect for conversation rates?

Registration Page Conversion 30% cold traffic - people who don’t know you well

Registration Attendee show-up rate 40% - people who signed up for the webinar and show up

Attendee to Conversion Avg. 15% - This is the number of live attendees who joined the

webinar that will convert into a sale of your product or service. This number depends directly on the quality of the offer and presentation.

Let’s say that you want to be able to earn the entire $100,000 from your webinar and your group coaching offer is $2,000 you’d need 50 people to buy.

  1. At least 3,000 people would need to see the registration page so that 30% might register for the webinar = 1,000 registrations.

  2. If you had 1,000 people register for the webinar, and 40% of them actually showed up for the webinar, you’d be teaching 400 people.

  3. And of those 400 people if 15% of them are interested in the of