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How To Build A GROUP COACHING PROGRAM Around Your Online Course

Try these 7-simple steps to successfully build a group coaching program to support your online course, make more sales and get your clients results.

If you’ve created an online course, but you’re not getting the results you desire, consider building a group coaching program around your online course.

Adding a group coaching element to your already created online course is a fantastic way to amplify your income and impact.

Not only can you attract more clients to your offering, but you can also simultaneously increase your credibility.

Allowing you to expand your coaching business without much additional effort.

As a successful online business owner myself, I assure you that you don't need fancy marketing or super slick sales copywriting to boost your business.

It doesn't matter if you are an amateur entrepreneur or an expert coach. All you have to do is seek professional advice and follow some basic guidelines in order to win big in the online business industry.

Adding a group coaching program element can multiply your income and save you time.

If you are looking for an intelligent way to establish your coaching business, this is the right place for you.

I will show you how to add a group coaching program to your online course in seven easy steps.

You will learn how to get coaching clients and scale your program within no time. Besides, I will help you skyrocket your business through innovative marketing strategies.

Let's discover how you can start your group coaching program based on your online course.

Modern technology has enabled us to educate people in every corner of the world. You can become a life coach by building an effective program and teaching people from the comfort of your couch.

Not only does it save you valuable time, but it also helps your income flourish using intelligent online resources.

Let's go through the whole process of creating a group coaching program around your online course step-by-step.

Step 1: What's The Result That Your Online Course Delivers?

Online courses and group coaching programs that sell typically use a one problem-one solution approach.

You should identify the priority of your target audience and offer ONE specific solution.

Moreover, you need to pick one skill that your competitors aren't offering and build on it. This step requires creativity and brainstorming, so you should focus on it.

Step 2: What Are The Vital Steps Your Students Must Navigate?

Once you have decided what you will offer in your program, you need to outline your content.

You have to design elements and gather supporting content such as videos, eBooks, and journals. I can help you develop the core content that your students must cover to achieve their results inside of The Income Amplifier.

Step 3: Choose An Online Platform

Deciding how you will interact with your students and deliver lectures is a crucial step. There are a lot of membership site platforms that offer remarkable services.

For example, you can use Zoom to deliver video lectures and develop your community on Facebook or use my favorite Thinkific. *link to Thinkific tutorial video

Here are a few things you can add to your program to make it successful.

  • Online meeting sessions where group members can interact

  • A platform or site where members can ask questions

  • A series of learning modules available for group members

  • Weekly emails containing valuable tips and the latest marketing trends

Step 4: Study The Market

Understanding the requirements and priorities of your target audience is pivotal to your program's success.

No matter what type of coach or consultant you are, it's essential to build your reputation before offering your paid program. You can do so by interacting with your audience through different platforms and providing value. There are no shortcuts if you want to build a brand that will last.

Step 5: Study The Competition

The only way you can stand out in the market is by identifying the weaknesses of your potential competitors. Start by analyzing the reviews about the services that your competitors offer.

The research will help you develop content that people are willing to pay for.

Step 6: Choose A Value Add

Value-add services help build loyalty and attract new program members. You can offer discounts or additional 1:1 training time to wow your customers.

Other value-add items include the following.

  • Support group for Q/As

  • Interview sessions with experts

  • Free software subscriptions

  • Presentations and PDFs of your content

Step 7: Make Sure That Your Program Doesn't Miss Any Steps.

The last step involves a review of your content. You have to check if your program is missing any of the steps mentioned above.

In short, a signature program allows you to work less and earn more. All you have to do is keep providing premium content.


If you are ready to get ahead of your competitors, you should consult with a business strategist right away. You can learn from their years of experience and employ that knowledge to boost your program sales.

Attending webinars on how to scale and skyrocket your coaching business can also be quite helpful.

Be sure to join me inside of my latest free masterclass training Pivot Into Online Profit.

So that you can get up and start your signature coaching program with your online course today!

Tell me what step you'll take next to build your profitable and portable online business by dropping a comment below.

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