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How To Build An Automated Sales Funnel For Your Business

Imagine spending more time doing something you enjoy and then *ding ding* your phone chimes with another sale.

With an automated sales funnel for your business, you can experience the luxury of doing less and earning more, just as my best students inside The Legacy Leaders Academy do.

My intention and hope for you are that you'll have clarity on how you, too, can start to build an automated sales funnel for your business by the end of the episode.

This is part 7 or a multi-part training series designed to help you work less and earn more in your business.

Today, we will briefly discuss what an automated sales funnel is and why you need one. The 3-phases of an automated sales funnel, and then we're going to break down the steps you need to take to build an automated sales funnel for your business.


Firstly, a sales funnel essentially is the customer journey experience—the journey you take your targeted ideal client through from cold prospect to red-hot repeat buyer.

Whether you've been in business one day or many years, whether you realize it or not, you already have a sales funnel for your business.

Now the goal is to streamline and automate your sales funnel using intelligent online marketing and sales strategies so that you can attract new paying clients to your business like a magnet around the clock.

Sales funnels can be simple or as complicated as you choose to build them.

When you're starting to build your automated sales funnel, you only need a handful of helpful online tools—many of which you access for free.