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How to Comply With US Sales Tax For Online Course Businesses

You’re focused on positively changing lives by turning your expertise into an online course business, but you’re a little stressed about how to navigate the finances of it all.

After all, the digital landscape is changing rapidly and so are those pesky state tax laws.

Have no fear in this episode you’ll discover how to comply with US sales tax for your online course business.

Why do you need to know about US State Tax Laws?

Whether you’re based in the U.S. Canada, Europe, or beyond, if you’re building a global brand that serves clients worldwide, not having your pulse on the latest US State tax laws could stifle your revenue growth.

​​Out-of-state sellers may now be held responsible for collecting and paying sales tax anywhere.

State tax laws change month to month, even tax pros are having a hard time keeping up so don’t be overly stressed, but it is important to have some awareness about US state tax laws before you start your online course business.

Is Your Online Course Taxable?

Generally speaking, yes if it’s pre-recorded, automated, and downloadable.